Create your own photo book & make moments last a lifetime!

Never underestimate the power of a fabulous photo book cover

Going on holiday soon? Spark your ideas with these great, easy to create covers for your next holiday photo book.

Our tip number 1: the  simpler the photo, the better the cover. Think less is more. Tip 2: pick a photo where you can easily insert the title for your book. For example, a photo where the subject is not set in the centre or where the backdrop is calm (see Jenita’s photo book about her trip to Cuba).

Feast your eyes on the 7 great photo book covers below created by our very own customers! Get ideas, be inspired and make the most of your photo book cover.

Mexico 2011 – Esther’s book


USA – Eugenie’s book

Cuba – Jenita’s book

Boston, New England, New York – Johan’s book

Florida – Loes’s book

Portugal – Tiny’s book

Also don’t forget about the back of your photo book. Try and pick a photo that really stands out or has an unexpected effect. We really liked what Wyske did with the back of her photo book. (see below)

Want to try it? Read about how you can make a super cover photo or just get started!

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Now why would you ever need double photo books?

If you’re not twins like Britt and Jill, then could you ever have a good reason to double up your photo book? Well… yes! We, in fact, found 7 other reasons why you would!

1. To thank the parents – all 4 of them!
Big events in our lives, such as weddings, often involve the support of our parents. What better way to remember that day and thank them than creating 2 beautiful photo books capturing all the highlights? David did just that when he created his thank you book.

2. Best friends forever? Make sure you both remember each moment!
If you’ve ever had a best friend then you most likely have tons of fun photos that makes you smile. Save all of these precious photos in double photo books and keep the bond between you two strong over the years. See Barbara & Danielle’s great friendship photo book.

3. Keep the little ones happy
Tired of having the kids argue over their photo book? Give each their own and let peace return.

4. Keep the grandparents happy
A photo book of your newborn is a never ending source of joy, especially to the grandparents.

5. Give your partner(s) some credit
Are you a professional photographer working with a partner or partners? Then why not create a book showing your best works and give one to you partner. This way you can have something to be proud of and show your appreciation to your partner.

6. Pass on the family history
A family tree photo book tells the story of your family. Make sure its kept safely by those who own it by having at least 1 family tree book per family.

7. Remember an old love
No matter how many days pass, you still remember it like that old love like was yesterday. Why not celebrate those memories with a photo book and share it with that special person you never forgot?

So you see, there are always good reasons for more photo books. If you can come up with more do drop us a comment and let us know!

If you’re in luck and have reached this far – grab the chance of creating a fabulous photo book and get an identical photo book free! You have until July 17th.

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6 tips for taking great photos with your mobile phone

1. Catch those sun rays. If you’re lucky enough to see sun rays be quick to make the most of it. When focusing, make sure the sun rays fall within the area of your chosen subject. Quickly move your mobile around to find an angle that catches most of the sun rays. Tap your mobile phone screen to zoom in on the sun rays (this filters through the light) and take your shot. (Best with iOS and Android smart phones.)

2. Play with angles. Don’t just take pictures from the front. Be adventurous and take them from above, below, or hold your mobile phone camera at an angle. This creates exciting perspective. The camera on your mobile is also less “serious” compared to a real camera so chances are you’ll enjoy experimenting.

3. Come close – literally. As the camera on your mobile does not contain actual zoom lens that digital photos have, you will have to approach your subject to get the best picture. This will prevent blurred photos and pixellation. Even if you have a mobile that can digitally zoom in, it will usually result in the loss of pixels (see the zoomed in image on right).

4. Choose, frame, and focus. Instead of photographing the entire building opt to focus on a single interesting aspect of the building. For example choose to focus on an interesting looking exterior wall lantern. This often allows for more atmospheric images – the kind that’s great as a photo book cover!

5. Light, light, and more light. If your mobile does not have built-in flash, try to take pictures in well-lit places. If you’re indoor, just direct some light toward your subject and snap away – you’ll see the results are instantly better!

6. Your mobile camera lens: keep it clean! We all know how dirty mobile phones can become. Keeping your lens clean can make a world of a difference.

Extra tip – Feeling creative? No matter what kind of mobile phone you have there are photography apps ready to add special effects to all your photos. These are our favorite iPhone and Android apps:

– Vintiphone or Hipstamatic –  This will give your photos a ’70s look.
– Color Splash – Keep your whole picture black and white while adding a splash of colour here and there (see below).
– Quad Camera – Sequence shooting with your mobile. (Best App Ever! Awarded in 2009.)
– Camera Bag – Enjoy endless filters and effects.

    Although these mobile apps allow you to add fun, creative effects, they aren’t helpful when it comes to actually taking photos with your mobile phone. Want more tips? See our Tips & Tricks section.

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“My own photos in a book for the first time”

In celebration of Father’s Day, we’d like to share a story behind a special photo book our colleague, Femke, created for her Dad’s 70th Birthday.

It all started when Femke was searching for photos to create a photo book. She suddenly remembered the many photos her father (a photographer at the time) used to show her while she was a teenager and, after asking him if she could use some, she set about creating a photo book.

What she then discovered had moved her to tears. Looking through his work, Femke realised that she’d never really given her father credit for taking such great photos. The images she saw also inspired her to travel the world and experience life as he had done.

Femke explains that she took digital photographs of her father’s analogue photos.This made her photos look like “cut outs”: an unexpected accident which she was happy with as it resembled how she saw life – as “never straight or perfect”.

The original cover photo (A3). Digitised by taking a picture of it.

And so it comes full circle: what started as an unremarkable task ends with remarkable results.

“Creating a photo book can be many things: a gift; a memory; something to enjoy over the years. But it can also be an unexpected experience that brings us closer and brings out the best in us.”

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Not just a photo on canvas

We came across this canvas print by artist Niki Pilkington when she shared it with us on Twitter. Although we often see beautiful photos printed on our canvas prints, it’s not often we see something as unusual and interesting as this! Just as easily as selecting your favourite photo to put on a canvas to decorate your walls, you can also upload any other image – your child’s drawing or a piece of artwork can look truly professional when printed on canvas. See more canvas print inspiration.

Because we were utterly intrigued by Niki’s work, we decided to ask her a few questions about how this lovely canvas print came to be…

What is the inspiration behind your illustration?
“The illustration is part of my newest series called ‘Glorious Truths’ a combination of girls, animals and words. The inspiration behind most of my work is fashion and the girls that wear it, but this time round it’s got a little bit a nature thrown in.”

What was this illustration used for?
“This illustration along with the rest of the series was created for ‘Pick Me Up’ an annual art fair held at Somerset House, London. I was one of 20 selected artists to exhibit at the event, and it (alongside the other 5 in the series) was sold as an original 3D piece in a box frame.”

What materials do you use to create your work?
“I create using a combination of Derwent pencils, pens, fine liners, high lighters, felt tips, markers, coloured pencils and collage -Basically all the stuff you’d find in a kids pencil case. The brighter the better if you ask me – if you have colour, I believe you should use it!” See more of Niki’s work.

Where will you hang the canvas?
“The canvas will be hung in my studio for now (that’s if it’s not been stolen by then…it’s had quite a few admirers!!)” – We can see why!

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A Wedding Photo Book – a special way to say thanks

As weddings often go, it’s a flurry of activity and laughter before it’s all over. But later, another kind of celebration comes – one that celebrates the love and support surrounding newlyweds.

To celebrate theirs, David Cinanni and wife, Malou, created this lovely wedding photo book to thank their parents in a special way. Their parents were so happy that they proudly showed their photo books to everyone they came across, and rightly so – it’s difficult not to smile while flicking through these pages.

It took them about 8 hours to bring together and 123 photos to include all 170 guests. By sequencing their photos to the day’s event, they wanted viewers to experience that special day just as it was. Another tip? David suggests you opt for a gloss finish – this makes the most of your colours. Also, when creating your wedding book – make sure you do it together.

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Royal Celebrations

If ever there was a good reason to create new design assets for our downloadable photo book editor, this is one! In celebration The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we have launched a series of Royal themed backgrounds and clipart. The photo’s from your local street party can now be captured in style in a Royal themed photo book.

New ‘Royal Celebrations’ Clip Art:

New ‘Royal Celebrations’ Backgrounds:

How to access the ‘Royal Celebrations’ design assets:

To access the clip art and backgounds in the download editor, simply click on “Insert” then “Clip art” or “Backgrounds” then select the “Download more” button in the pop-up to download the new clip art (and any you haven’t previously downloaded), then select from the range (see below).

We can’t wait to see all those fun Royal Celebrations photo books – please share!

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Greek Orthodox Monks…. one of the best

Every now and then we come across a customer photo book that really knocks our socks off! Wim de Vos shared his photo book about Greek Orthodox Monks who live on Mount Athos in North East Greece on our Facebook page… and we were entralled!

Wim took the photos whilst travelling to Mount Athos to film a documentary, in his role as a lighting cameraman for CBS 60 minutes. It was only later when looking at the still photos he’d taken that he decided to create a photo book. The photo book took him a month to put together and he said one of his biggest tips for other photo book makers is to be very critical about the photos that go in the book – think about the colour matching, size and layout.

Have a flick through and be impressed at this truly professional and utterly breath-taking photo book – we think it’s one of the best we’ve seen.

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Spring photo book

Spring is such a beautiful, exciting time of the year – spring bulbs, longer nights, Easter celebrations and of course, the promise of summer ahead.

To celebrate all that Spring entails, we decided to put together a Spring photo book using some of our favourite Spring images and combining them with our easy photo book editor options. See below a couple of our favourite spreads and instructions on how you can create this look in our photo book editor.

How to make our ‘Flower Power’ page: Select ‘Insert’ tab, then ‘Backgrounds‘ then ‘Children – unisex baby’. To place the daffodils on the page, select ‘Insert’, then ‘Clipart‘ then ‘Flowers’ and insert the flowers of your choice.

How to make our ‘Easter Countdown’ page: The effect on the eggs is created by a Mask: Select the photo you wish to use, then select the ‘Insert’ tab, then ‘Masks’ then ‘Torn paper’, this will give the panel effect. To add the numbers to the page, select ‘Insert’ tab, then ‘Clipart’ then ‘Alphabet’ and select the numbers you wish to insert.

How to create a ‘Garden Wall’ page: Select ‘Insert’ tab, then ‘Backgrounds’ then ‘Wood’ then insert the wooden background you would like to use. To add the polaroid effect to the photos, select ‘Insert’ then ‘Frame‘ then ‘Holiday – Summer’ and choose the polaroid look frame. To place the flowers on the page, select ‘Insert’, then ‘Clipart’ then ‘Flowers’ and insert the flowers of your choice.

The final product in our office – doesn’t it make a lovely unique Easter gift for friends and family?

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Excited to launch an updated Mac Editor

Great news for our Mac users, we have just launched a new version of our photo book editor for Mac (version 1.4)! This new version comes fit with 4 major developments… details here:

1. Color Frames

In addition to our custom designer frame, we now offer color frames for your photos. Choose one of the standard colors or a color from any point of your screen.

2. Photo Effects

You are now able to create photo effects within our photo book editor. Options include sepia, black and white, blur and tint adjustments. Easy to select and add, these effects help create a truly professional photo book.

3. Horizontal and vertical alignment

There are now 6 new icons at the top of your screen. These tools allow you to align your photos on a page or spread with a simple click.

4. Quickly see which photos you have already used

There is now a ‘counter’ which indicates how often you have used a photo in your photo book to ensure you are not doubling up unintentionally.You might recognize the symbol from your iPhone.

Throughout the Mac editor other small adjustments have been made to ensure your photo book creation is a easy and enjoyable as possible.

Coming soon: Clipart!

The next version the Albelli Mac editor will also feature a selection of clipart. Until then you are able to use the internet search function to add images to your photo book. Tip: if you search “.png” you have the best chance of finding a picture with a transparent background.

Do you have any suggestions for our next Mac version? We’d love to hear them!

How to get the updated software: If you already have our Mac software installed, the latest version will automatically install when you are connected to the internet. If you haven’t tried our Mac editor yet, you can download it here.

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