Create your own photo book & make moments last a lifetime!

Use Hipstamatic in your photo book

Familiar with that great app for your iPhone yet? Hipstamatic? It lets you take photos that look like they were made with a vintage film camera. Photos like those that rolled out of the Kodak Instamatic cameras in the 60s and 70s.

The Hipstamatic in your photo book
These photos can naturally be put in your photo book too! Martin, our aviation-enthusiast/photographer here at Albelli (his reputation is growing) has used this effect in his latest photo book. With fantastic results!

Sometimes the resolution may not be high enough (in other words, the quality may not be good enough if you place them in a photo book XL), but Martin solved this problem by simply making a collage of the photos.

He created that great effect around the photos using a ‘film template’ from the Albelli photo book program.

Want to see the whole book? You’ll have to wait just a little longer. Soon we will place Martin’s entire photo book online, so keep checking the blog!

The Hipstamatic app is available for download from the iTunes Store for €1.59.

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Make your Father’s Day gift unforgettable

Once a year, Father’s Day is celebrated globally but especially in the US, Canada, China, India and the UK. The actual date varies from country to country but in the UK, Father’s Day is generally the third Sunday in June which, this year, is the 19th and in 2012, the 17th.

Mothering Sunday goes back to the days of the Romans and is a tradition that was developed by the Christian church in the 16th Century. In contrast, Father’s Day is a tradition that is barely a hundred years old; cynically, it is said that a famous greetings card company created Father’s Day simply to sell more cards, but that is not the case; the special day was established to recognise that fathers also play an important role in the life of a child above simply being the breadwinner. Today, of course, it’s often the case that mothers and fathers both earn money for the family and both take personal care of the children.

Giving a special, unique gift on Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for children to show how much their father means to them; that their father is loved for providing more than financial stability and, although a nice home and holidays are always appreciated, it is being a parent, a father, a dad who is there when needed, that really matters most.

It is not the cost of the Father’s Day gift that matters to many Dad’s, but the personal effort involved in creating the gift. A hundred years on from when the first Father’s Day was honoured, there is now a spectrum of amazing Father’s Day gifts available in stores and, of course, online. Invariably, Fathers do not wish for their children to spend a small fortune on gifts but even the most undemanding father would appreciate a personalised greetings card with a digital snapshot of their son or daughter or grandchildren. Further up the price range is a printed canvas that will create a Father’s Day to be remembered and cherished every day. Another personalised gift is the photo book which contains beautifully presented personal photos printed as if in a real book. Personalised photo books are wonderful gifts for Fathers and Grandfathers alike.

It is said that it’s “he thought that counts” and there is no doubt that a personalised greetings card, a photo printed on canvas, or a photo book full of cherished memories, are thoughtful gifts that will mean a great deal to all fathers and grandfathers on Father’s Day. It should also be remembered that choosing a gift for your father can be a fair bit trickier when compared to picking out a gift for your mother.

Many fathers would be embarrassed to receive a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates on Father’s Day, and would no doubt pass the gift swiftly on to their other half. Therefore, a personalised photo card, printed photo canvas or photo book shows love from a child in a way that fathers can accept without impacting on their “natural manly role”.

Giving fathers a personalised greeting card with a unique image, complemented by a printed canvas for hanging on the wall or a beautifully presented photo album, will ensure that this year’s Father’s Day is one that truly demonstrates the level of love most children feel but do not always show for their Fathers.

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A photo book for yourself, and one for…

…grandma and grandpa? Your travel companions? Your daughter? Your colleagues? We can think of plenty of reasons to order a second copy of your photo book. The first is: to share memories! Because it would really be a shame if no one were to see your beautiful photo book. Right?

A photo book for…
Grandma and grandpa are certainly the classic example. Nothing would make them happier than a photo book of their grandchild. They will be able to enjoy the photos whenever they’re not babysitting. Or make an account of your travels with your travelling companion and order two! You will both look back with pleasure after returning home.

With the photo book program you can make a child’s photo book exactly like this one. Yes, including all those wonderful backgrounds and frames!

Great moments deserving of more than one photo book
- Family tree book: Make a photo book of your family history. One for every member of the family. A good way to ensure your history is never lost.
- Wedding photo book: Give the best man and maid of honour a photo book of your beautiful wedding too. They will enjoy looking back just as much as you do!
- Memory photo book: Make a photo book for grandma’s 80th birthday with photos from throughout her life. An unforgettable gift for her. A nice remembrance for you.
- Friendship photo book: What could be more obvious? One for your friend, one for you!
- Portfolio: For your potential customers…

You can also share your book online, as you see above. So if you would rather do that, read more about sharing your photo book online.

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Attending a wedding? Give an unusual wedding gift!

A wedding is always a fun and thrilling event. Even for you, as a guest! What do you wear, what will the party be like, what should you give as a gift?! Should you go with the standard envelope or take things into your own hands? Stop wavering: make your own wedding gift for the bride and groom. Yours will be sure to stand out in that huge stack of gifts. What’s more, you’ll have a great time thinking about the special day.

How can I make sure my wedding gift stands out?
When you think about a wedding, the things that come to mind are love, the party and amazing clothes… and that stack of beautifully wrapped gifts. Usually the gifts aren’t unwrapped until after the party, and sometimes the couple no longer even remembers which gift they received from you. Want to make sure they won’t forget your wedding gift? A metre-high Chinese vase would do the trick. But a photo book you have made yourself will probably have the same effect.

Ideas for your wedding gift
• Ask the parents for childhood photos and make a photo book that will rekindle old memories.
• Collect great stories and photos from their friends. Make a photo book with the title: “What you need to know about him, and what you need to know about her”.
• Does the couple like to have art on the wall? Put their favourite image or photo on canvas!
• Make a fantastic photo album of their first years together (you can find a way to get those photos).
• Give a facebook or friendship photo book with pictures of all their friends from their student years.

No time for a wedding gift?
Really can’t spare the time to make a wedding gift yourself? Then give the couple an Albelli gift certificate. They can use it later to make a beautiful photo book of their honeymoon. Or to put their most beautiful wedding picture on canvas.

Be as creative as you like
Make your wedding gift as beautiful, silly or creative as you like! You can, with the user-friendly program from Albelli. Use the original backgrounds and the unique borders or add effects to your photo. You can choose any style: modern, retro, classic, stylish, wedding theme… it’s all up to you!  This way you’ll be sure to have a wedding gift that’s perfect for the wedding couple to be.

100% quality guarantee
As is appropriate for a wedding, the quality of your gift will be nothing short of perfect. There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable when you attend a wedding bearing this gift! And our customer service staff is available to help you Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 21.00.

With Albelli you can easily make your own very special wedding gift. What’s stopping you? Get started now!

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Photo shoot #2: Albelli customer service

Perhaps you noticed already, but we recently put a new photo on our customer service page. It’s the result of an afternoon photo session with our colleagues! We thought it was time to focus on the Albelli support team in this blog – literally!

Here are a few photos from that afternoon. The idea behind it? We wanted a few nice photos for the website. We want to introduce you to the people you speak with on the telephone. Soon you will also see their photos at the bottom of service mails.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun.  Music, party hats, streamers and noisemakers. We also took advantage of the opportunity to take a number of theme photos for all those special occasions yet to come. (Like the Queen’s birthday!)

Naturally the people you see here are just a few members of the much larger team. We will soon introduce the entire customer service team to you. Accompanied by their craziest stories and funniest telephone conversations. So keep checking back!

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Making invitations yourself: warm up your guests beforehand!

Planning to organise a get-together and looking for a great way to invite everyone? Why not make your own invitations? Boring? No way! Because with a card you’ve made yourself you set the tone for the evening! What do you have in mind? Retro, classic, hip or artsy? At Albelli it’s your party.

Truth be told, invitations are not just for big events. After all, for something as simple as a dinner get-together, a personal invitation has the biggest effect. Or as they say: an impressive entrance determines the success of the evening… For every party or occasion, you set the tone when you make your own invitations!

A few occasions that call for invitations:
• Housewarming party: With a photo of your new home. Or maybe your old one. Or how about the couch you couldn’t bear to move again…
• Baby shower – use the first echo – that’s so special!
• Wedding invitation: Choose the silliest or most beautiful photo of the two of you together.
• Dinner party – Have you been on holiday? Invite your friends for a get-together! “Come enjoy a Mexican meal at my place” (or Indian, Thai, tapas, or another special favourite…)
• Birthday party – Make a great invitation with an old photo of yourself when you were little.
• Anniversary party – married 50 years? 25 years at the company? Your company’s 10th anniversary? Invite people to celebrate with invitations you make yourself. Choose a photo of the first workday, the first time on holiday, the opening of the new building.
• Masked ball – or any other kind of theme party! Invite your guests and get them in the mood beforehand.

Make invitations, that’s nicer than an e-mail
And let’s be honest, a card in the mail is still more special than a message via Hyves or Facebook. Right? So make your invitations yourself and warm up your special guests in your own style!

Making invitations yourself?
Choose your favourite, silliest or most beautiful photo and decorate it with frames, masks and clipart. Add your own text and you’re finished! Get started making your invitations now. Use the free program from Albelli to make your invitation and start now.

We hope your occasion will be all you hoped it would be!

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Your favourite or funniest photo on canvas: 13 top tips

Just moved or still have an empty spot on the wall? Then it’s time to hang your best photo! This time why not skip the frame and have it printed on canvas instead? Great idea, huh?

3 great ideas for your photo on canvas:
• Fill a whole wall with small canvases, each with a small detail from a single photo.
• Hang portraits of your whole family, each in a different size.
• Or how about a row of three, featuring photos from that great holiday trip?
See 10 more tips below!

Nicer than a framed photo
The great thing about a photo on canvas is the beautiful smooth surfaces. There is no frame or border, so your photo is visible all the way to the very edge. That means you can enjoy every detail of the photo. And unlike framed photos, a canvas hangs flat against the wall. That gives a modern, clean feel!

10 tips for your photo on canvas
You can do more with a photo on canvas than you might think:

- Instead of a tile, why not a proverb on canvas.
- This year no needles on the floor!
- All you favourite holidays in canvas on the wall.
- A series of your child’s development.
- You and your mother. Great for Mother’s Day!
- The best day of your life…
- Close-ups or designs also look great.
- Your hobby on the wall, for in the study.
- Photos of your children’s artwork on canvas.
- Your favourite vinyl in a group of three on the wall.

Made in 2 minutes
At Albelli you can easily make a photo on canvas yourself. Choose your favourite photo (you know, the one that makes your heart thump), drag it onto your virtual canvas, rotate or tilt the photo if you like, and click ‘order’. Within a few days the photo on canvas will be delivered to your door! Printed in sharp focus and mounted on a solid wood frame. It’s that easy to fill the empty space on the wall.

100% satisfaction guarantee
At Albelli we stand behind absolute quality. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the result, we will give you a new canvas or your money back. So choose your best photo to print on canvas now and get to it!

Have fun making your canvas!

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New school year, new school diary!

Looking for a new school diary? Want to make no one else in your class has one that’s the same as yours? Then make one yourself! With your own photos, great backgrounds, original clip art and your own text. A unique school diary unlike anyone else’s! And what’s really handy: this school diary contains 40 tear-out cards you design yourself and can give out to your friends.

Be original
At Albelli you can design your school diary the way you like. You have room for 24 of your own photos and you can decorate your entire school diary with great backgrounds and text. You can also use our free clip art and frames!

Your own visiting cards
Design your own visiting cards. 40 cards you design with your own text and images! You can tear them out and give them away.

Handy: add events to your calendar beforehand
You know what’s handy? You can make your own personal year planner. Enter all the important dates (birthdays, holidays, days off) and these are automatically placed in your school diary! You can also choose the month with which your school diary begins.

Next year when you make your new school diary, you can use the same year planner again. That means that making your school diary becomes easier and quicker each year.

Easy to make, quickly delivered
You’re probably a wiz with computers, so making your own school diary will be a snap. Pick out your best photos and give your creativity free reign in your own school diary! And with Albelli you naturally get top quality and receive your school diary in the mail within a few days.

Gather up your favourite, funniest photos and get started with your school diary right away!

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Send us your Royal Wedding Celebration Photos!

THE wedding of the year is about to take place. It’s the most eagerly awaited wedding for years – and YOU can participate to make history!

We’s like you to send us your best images from today’s fesitivities – whether they’re from a local street party, your own visit to London to follow the wedding cortege, or simply from your own garden party or family celebrations.

Albelli photo books will then take your images and produce The People’s Royal Wedding Photo Bookwhich we plan to present to the happy couple – giving William and Kate the nation’s own unique memory of the day in a unqiue and exclusive photo book, as it was celebrated in every corner of the UK today.

To take part in this once in a lifetime, unique project visit and upload your photo(s).

If you participate Albelli will instantly rewarded you with a thank-you voucher worth £10 to spend on any photo book or printed photo canvas order before May 8th.

So, whether you were camping out last night, on the Mall waving a souvenir flags today, or if you were one of the many daytrippers arriving bedecked in Union Jack’s, fascinators and tiaras let us add your brilliant photos to our wedding photo book.

If you’re not in London today perhaps you’re one of the many jolly revellers celebrating at a street party with bunting and fantastic British food delights (pork and cranberry pies, sausage and mash or cucumber sandwiches are a must!). Wherever you are don’t forget to get snapping with your camera! Capture the excitement and festivities as they start to build.

We can’t wait to compile the best entries into “The Peoples Royal Wedding Photo Book” and to present this truly unique gift to the couple.

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Animal loving Brits take more photos of their pets than they do of their children, according to the results of a nationwide photography survey by Albelli, while as many as half of all the 13 billion photos we now take each year are snapped on mobile phones.

facebook offer petMeanwhile, one in five amateur snappers regularly takes pictures of themselves, one in 10 confesses to taking their camera to the bedroom to spice up their love life and one in 20 admits that unsuspecting ‘strangers’ are among the subjects they most like to take pictures of.

The survey of more than 1,000 adults also found that one out of four Brits now regularly erases digital images to forget painful periods of their lives, with pictures of ex husbands, wives and partners most likely to be consigned to the digital dump bin.

Only one in 10 of those surveyed said they still used a conventional film camera, with the rest splitting their digital photography output between cameras and mobile phones. Of those, three out of four said they took up to half their images on mobiles, while one out of four said they used the hand-held devices to take either most or all of their photos.

Overall, holidays were found to be the most popular subject for photographs with 75% of those surveyed saying they always packed a camera on their travels. General shots of family and friends came second with 73% of respondents regularly taking such pictures, followed by birthdays and anniversaries (58%) and wives, husbands and partners (53%). However, pets (48%) came ahead of children (46%) and special family occasions like Christmas (44%) and weddings (37%) in the list of most frequently photographed subjects.

Women were found to be the most snap happy around pets, with 54% saying they regularly took pictures of their favourite animals compared with 45% who took pictures of their children or grandchildren. By contrast, men were found to be far more family loyal with 47% regularly snapping their children and only 41% taking pictures of pets.

The fascinating snapshot of the UK’s changing photography habits in the 21st century, also suggests that more than 13 billion photos are now taken in the UK each year with the average adult opening the shutter no fewer than 268 times.

These interesting facts got us scratching our heads, ispiring us for our next competions. Cute or funny pictures of pets will warm any heart, so add your pictures to our Facebook page and win!  All animals are lovable and cute in their own way, and we want to see your pet photos.

Take your cutest pictures and photos of your pets, whether its a gerbil, guppy, puppy or a persian cat  – we want to see your funniest pet pictures.

So whatever kind of pets you have, even snakes and eels, take a photo, we want to see pictures, even an unusual pet can be cute and funny. Dogs on the beach looking over the horizon, a photo of a funny cat hidden behind your sofa, a snappy Jack Russell, your kitten chasing flies in summer , it doens’t matter ! No captions are necessary, but add some if you wish.

Every photo added to our Facebook page will be entered into our competition to WIN AN ALBELLI FLIP CAMCORDER! Enter the competition via our Facebook page as of 12pm (noon) Tuesday 22nd March 2011.

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