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Albelli personalised photo canvas – for those in need of nothing

I’m sure we all have a “there’s nothing I need” type on our Christmas gift list. By that I mean, their response to birthday, Christmas, or any other celebratory occasion is always; “there’s nothing I need“.  Now this might be nice for the greater good and they may be sincere about their lack of requirements. However, even though they may not need anything, chances are, you need to get them something!

So, what to get those in need of nothing? Something personal, thoughtful and unique …an Albelli photo product perhaps? This afternoon, I’ve created a personalised photo canvas for one of the “there’s nothing I need” types in my life. Because it’s so quick and easy and because I’m thrilled with the result, I thought I’d share it with you and perhaps solve the “nothing I need” dilemma for you too.

Step 1: Find your way to our Canvas product page and decide on the size and shape you wish to create.

Step 2: Find a photo you know they’ll love to relive all year round and upload it to our online editor.  Select from our choice of colour, black and white or sepia. Zoom and position your photo to exactly where you want it. Make sure that the quality is sufficient for the size you wish to print. Note the photo of the lounge on the right which shows how big your canvas is in a typical room setting.

Step 3: Order your product and complete payment information in our secure system. Albelli will then will deliver it to your door. Talk about easy!

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For the love of photography

Here at Albelli, we love all things photography! So when Dave from Geekanoids approached us about putting forward a prize each month for his new Geekanoids photography competition the “Photo Critique”  we were very keen to get involved!

Dave (normally the YouTube Geekanoids guy)  is as passionate about photography as we are. So much so, in fact that he was determined to get his viewers involved in a photo critique group; “I want to encourage people to get out and about with their cameras. Whether they have a cheaper compact camera, an advanced DSLR or even a smartphone camera, everyone can capture that intriguing moment and share it with others”.

The Critique concept is simple, every month Geekanoids will run a themed photography competition on their Flickr page and the winner will receive an Albelli gift voucher.

The inaugural November competition theme is “Water” and with just two days to go, the quality of the entries is brilliant. I’ve shown a couple below that really grabbed my attention!

‘Im Thirsty’ by Michael Roberts – taken on a Canon 600D with an 18-55m F/3.5-5.6 EF-S lens

‘Deep Sea Treasure’ by Adrian – taken on a Panasonic DMC-G10

If you are a photography enthusiast who’d like to enter the competition, instructions can be found here… good luck, the competition is stiff!

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5 photo books she’d love to receive this Christmas

Personal – tick, thoughtful – tick, unique – tick, doesn’t break the bank – tick! A photo book ticks all the boxes as the perfect gift for her this Christmas and with our 5 great suggestions below, you just need to get creating. (Oh, and did we mention the creating part is fun?!)

1. The golden days: We’ve all got piles of old photos where we sport less wrinkles, greys and a great hair do! Pull together the pick of the bunch, get yourself to the scanner and load them in – this one is guaranteed entertainment on Christmas morning too!

2. An ode to her: A little flattery goes a long way… pull together your favourite photos of her and the two of you together into a beautiful ‘I Love You’ photo book. So personal, so touching and really shows you care. Just be sure to only include the pretty photos – we warn you, the others aren’t funny!! View our example

3. The artist: Collect new or long forgotten artwork from the children, scan it in and create a fun book filled with those charming finger paintings and crayon drawings. They’ll be remembered long after they come down from the fridge. View our example

4. A day in the life book: Surprise her with a special book filled with all those little things – a cup of tea in bed, your ironed shirts, freshly bathed children – whatever it is she does that makes your life that much more enjoyable. Don’t forget to add comments about just how special these things are and how they make you feel. A real tearjerker of a book and a great way to show just how much you appreciate her.

5.Those adorable little rascals: Your children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews all make the perfect content for a beautiful keepsake photo book. Get the family to send you in their favourite photos and combine them all into one beautiful edition to treasure.

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Yay! Albelli voted best photo books by The Gadget Show

Last nights announcement that Albelli photo books had taken the number one spot on the group test of The Gadget Show has provided a lot of excitment in the office today! There’s nothing nicer than being recognised for all your hard work.

About two months ago we were contacted by The Gadget Show, asking if we would like to put our photo books to the test alongside our competitors! “OF COURSE WE DO” was our answer. We really believe in the quality of our photo books, and we know you do too. Even so, it’s always a little nerve racking when you are being tested in this environment… What if they don’t like our software? What if something goes wrong at some point in the process and they receive a less than perfect product? There’s always the risk that you could get a negative review on live television and ruin your hard work!

But, at the end of the day, we believe in our quality and in turn, it performed beautifully against the 14 other entries to take the number one spot! It was fantastic to hear the comments from The Gadget Show team… “I really like the Albelli one, the clarity and colour – it looks like real skin tone.

Just what we like to hear.

If you missed the show, you can catch it here, and our press release about the award here.

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Calendar excitment in time for Christmas!

Finally the long awaited day has come! Our team have been as busy as Santa’s elves making sure we could bring you our new calendar range and editor in time for Christmas – as we know they’ll make the perfect Christmas gift.

Our designers were charged with the task of creating all the great new themes (to see all visit our inspiration pages). In typical male fashion, it turned into a bit of a competition! Pictured below is Milko with his “playful” theme and Rogier with his “modern” theme – both of which you can find in the new editor and can use to create your own calendar.

Milko & Rogier play-fighting over their calendar prototypes

A few of us in the office have also been testing the new editor, which is much quicker and easier than in the past – great news for all! David who looks after our Albelli e-newsletters has already created some Christmas gift calendars ready to wrap and send to his family in Canada!

And as for me? I’m thinking if the weather stays cold and miserable like this, it may just be the perfect reason to hole up inside, take our new editor for a test drive and tick off a few Chrissy presents while I’m there!

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Creative style tips for a summer staycation

Staying at home this summer? Forget about feeling like you are missing out! With our hot tips for staycation style, you’ll be happy you’re escaping the travel dramas and making the most of our stylish tips.
The importance of a good invitation
Remember that feeling of receiving a letter in the post? Outside of bills and junkmail it doesn’t happen often these days! So, grab the bull by the horns and post your friends an invitation to your summer soiree or bbq, the rsvp’s will fly in!
*  Personalise a greeting card and use as an invitation. Why not use a fun or silly photo of those invited to get the party started.

Paint the walls
Been staring at the same walls all year and a little bored? Why not redecorate with a fantastic new piece of wall art – quicker and easier than sanding back the walls and it leaves you with a lot more time for summer fun!
*  Use a favourite shot of you or the kids or re-live past holiday glory on canvas.
*  Give the room a modern feel with something dramatic printed on glossy acrylic rather than canvas. Can’t find a picture of your own for this purpose? Purchase a professional shot from an online photo stock company.

Summer Reading
Although we all love to capture special occasions in photo books, sometimes the most interesting books can be produced from normal day to day activities. Check out our list of things around the house to capture in a really special book.
*  Put your favourite summer recipes into a recipe photo book. It’s easy – just record the recipe as you cook and snap a corresponding pic of everyone enjoying their meal – this book would make for fantastic gifting all year round.
*  Get snap-happy around the house and document life’s little moments – you’ll have a snapshot of summer 2011 that will last a lifetime.
*  Turn the childrens artwork from the past year into a photo book – ready and waiting for their 21st!

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Make change of address cards: the most fun job on your checklist

When you are preparing to move you have a lot on your mind. Did you know that moving is one of the top 10 most stressful events in a person’s life? But if you’re lucky, you’re moving somewhere you will enjoy even more! To help you see the forest through the trees, we’ve provided a checklist below to help you keep your head cool.

One of the items on the list is to make change of address cards. That certainly has to be done too! So let making these cards be the most enjoyable item on the list. For example, why not make a change of address card that shows your new home, or a photo of you packing boxes? Read through the checklist and check out the examples of great change of address cards. Let yourself be inspired by one of these original cards. Designing a change of address card is something you can easily do yourself. Take a photo of yourself or copy an image from the internet. This is one task on the list that certainly won’t cause you any stress. Albelli wishes you all the best in your new home!

· cancel your rental contract
· arrange a mover
· request information from the new municipality
· save bills
· make and send change of address cards

· arrange to get moving boxes
· cancel/request gas, water and electrical service
· register at new school
· arrange a babysitter
· notify medical insurance provider
· notify old/new municipality
· order a name plate for new home

· cancel/request cable TV service
· return library books
· arrangement to pick up keys
· reserve parking place for moving van

· set thermostat lower
· set freezer to lowest setting
· take meter readings
· check and lock up old home
· hand over the keys
· defrost refrigerator
· secure washing machine drum

With a change of address card you have made yourself you show how happy you are with your new home. Because after all the effort you’ve put into the move, isn’t the occasion worth a great change of address card? You can show in your own way just what your new home means to you. And making a change of address card is quick and easy.

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Married for 50 years. That deserves a photo book!

Some of us only stay together for 50 days, but others manage 50 years. That is truly something to be proud of. Wonderful!

Thousands of couples get married every day. The record for the longest marriage ever is currently held by Philiposa en Sosamma Thomas of India. Last year they had been married for 86 years and 128 days. (Many people never even live this many years.)

But the longest married couple still alive today is without a doubt Herbert and Zelmyra Fisher of North Carolina. In celebration of Valentine’s Day last year they posted their personal relationship tips to Twitter account @longestmarried. She is currently 102 and he is 104. They were married 86 years ago. Marriage heroes, we at Albelli would say.

Their secret? Giving each other plenty of space. They go to church separately on Sunday, for example, and say they both wear the pants in their relationship. Good tip.

Once you’ve been together for 50 years, you’ve been through a lot together. This couple’s turbulent lives include the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Great Depression, 15 presidents, the first man on the moon, the invention of the vacuum cleaner, and flying as if you were taking the bus. And now they’ve even learned to use Twitter.

Innumerable memories that you share if you’ve been married for 50 years. Such precious memories should be cherished and remembered.

Is there a married couple in your life who will soon be celebrating their 50th anniversary? Use their old photos to create a fabulous new photo book full of memories!

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Need a birthday present for a girlfriend? Do something great using the photos of the two of you.

Have a girlfriend whose birthday is coming up? And still don’t have a birthday gift? (no, not bubble bath or a trip to the sauna again). Here’s our solution: you’ve known each other so long that you must have a lot of photos of the two of you. Right? Then do something nice with them! Make a personal birthday gift for your friend with photos of fun times and meals you shared together. You’ll enjoy giving it as much as she enjoys receiving it. And you’ll have a great time making it too! That’s where the fun begins.

Birthday gift for a girlfriend… what should I make?
A great birthday gift would be a photo book of your last holiday together. Add humorous text (‘and then she said…’), use your own photos as backgrounds and add great effects. Or use the best photos to make a year planner as a birthday gift for your girlfriend. While you make it you can even add all the dates you will get together in the coming year.

And if you really want to give your girlfriend a chic birthday gift? Put her favourite photo on canvas. Success guaranteed! Another great idea: friendship photo book with all your craziest moments together.

You’ve known each other a long time. Haven’t you?
If you’ve known each other so long, it really isn’t difficult to make a birthday present for your girlfriend yourself. Where have the two of you been together? Go through all the photos on your telephone or computer again and surprise your girlfriend with a personal birthday gift!

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Farewell gift for a colleague

A colleague is leaving. How sad! You’ve sat across from each other for ages, muddled through meetings together and shared countless lunches. Give that great colleague a personal farewell gift before they depart! Make that last workday together one to remember. Read all the great tips for your farewell gift below!

At the coffee machine
The same ritual every morning: getting coffee from the coffee machine. And always the same question: how was your weekend / evening / day off, do anything fun? Even though you may not ever see each other outside the office, you’ve probably come to know a lot about your colleague. So a personal farewell gift should be a piece of cake.

Good farewell gift – also great for the boss
The fact that one’s colleagues have put a lot of time into making a farewell gift certainly won’t go unnoticed. So make the effort! And what’s certainly also true: giving the boss a personal farewell gift is also more meaningful. A farewell speech accompanied by a gift is certainly more meaningful than just a bouquet or gift certificate.

TIP! as a farewell gift for a colleague:
make a photo book, here are some ideas:

• Collect snapshots made during company socials or outings.
• Make screen captures of funny mails he or she has sent.
• Make close-up photos of his or her workplace: those 27 Post-its on the computer monitor, that everlasting (and slightly dirty) coffee mug, that classic poster on the wall. What makes your colleague so special?
• Use photos of the conferences and trade shows your colleague attended.
• Or find a light-hearted way to include images that serve as reminders for the targets that had to be met…

Ready to get started?
Making a farewell gift for your colleague doesn’t take much time and is a lot of fun to do! Many years spent working together is certainly not something to be forgotten and is worthy of a nice farewell gift.

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