Create your own photo book & make moments last a lifetime!

Top 5 Reasons You Should Make a 2013 Yearbook

From special events to everyday moments, a yearbook helps you remember your year with all your favourite photos. It’s one beautiful book filled with all the best parts of your year!

Not sure if you should make a 2013 yearbook? Take a look below at our top five reasons why you should!

#5 – It’s time to start a creative project

Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to develop your creativity or perhaps you’re just looking for a different way to fill your spare time. Whatever your reason, it’s time for a creative project. So round up last year’s photos and get started on your 2013 yearbook!

#4 – Last year’s memories are already starting to blend into previous years

As time goes by it becomes harder and harder to recall when our favourite photos were taken. Remember what made last year special and different? Put those memories in your yearbook and don’t forget all the great things that happened in 2013!

#3 – You’ll be able to rewrite history

It’s up to you what you include in your yearbook. You can leave out the bad hair days, colds & flus, awkward moments and anything else you choose. In years to come, your memory of 2013 will be what’s in your book – only your favourite parts!

#2 – In this digital day and age, it’s nice to have a real book to hold on to

You can look back at last year’s photos on your computer or smartphone, but there’s nothing quite like flipping through real photos. Trust us – when you crack open your photo book and see all your pics printed on top quality photo paper, your eyes (and hands) will thank you!

(Plus, you’ll also get a digital version of your photo book to view online!)

#1 – You can try out one of our brand new pre-designed yearbooks!

They’re stylish and make creating your yearbook seriously easy. Plus they’re also available in portrait format! Use the Modern Timeline design for a sleek and simple photo book or try out the Seasonal Colours design for something fun and funky!

Get inspired with our example yearbook made with the Modern Timeline design!

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Take cute Christmas photos of your pets

It’s Christmas and that means it’s the perfect time to take cute holiday pics of your cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters or any other animals you may have in your life! Whether your pet is incredibly photogenic or a bit camera shy, we have a few ideas to help you capture some great Christmas photos of your furry friend. Take a look at these cute pics below for a dose of Christmas cheer and a bit of inspiration for your photos.

Santa’s Best Friend
If your dog loves the camera, just give him a Santa hat and snap away!

Santa's Best Friend

Think Inside the Box
As any cat owner knows, all you have to do is provide the box. The cat will do the rest!

Think Inside the Box

Tinsel Pup
Give your doggie a bit of tinsel to play with and you’ll have a festive photo shoot in no time!

Tinsel Pup

Santa’s Sleepy Kitty
You might not get your cat to wear a Santa hat, but we bet you’ll have no trouble getting your little kitty to curl up and sleep in one! 

Santa's Sleepy Kitty

Christmas Tree Kitty
Take advantage of your cat’s fascination with your Christmas ornaments and get a photo of your kitten next to the tree (or scaling your tree if your cat’s one to climb)!

Christmas Tree Kitty

Candid Christmas Shot
Have a pet that won’t last one second in a Santa hat, let along pose for you? Just wait until he’s in front of your tree and snap a quick candid shot!

Candid Christmas Shot

Top tip: Take these photos now and use them on your Christmas cards next year!


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Budget friendly Christmas gifts for busy shoppers

We know limited time and a tight Christmas budget can make finding thoughtful and unique gifts a challenge. So we asked our gift giving specialists (aka: members of our team) to let us in on their top three budget friendly favourites. Read their picks below for personalised gifts that won’t break the bank and are finished in no time!

1.) Photo Phone Cases

Our new photo phone cases are a great pick for siblings and tech savvy parents. Creating one of these premium phone cases takes less than 10 minutes and they’re only £12.95, so you can get one for every smartphone enthusiast you know! Available for iPhone 4/4S, 5/5S and Samsung Galaxy S3/S4

Photo Phone Case

“Photo phone cases are great gifts for young people. I made one for myself and one for my friend!”
-Miguel from Albelli

2.) Photo Calendars

Photo calendars tick every box: they’re easy to create, perfect for anyone and with several formats to choose from, they’re a gift that fits every budget! Simply gather together 12 favourite photos and give a gift that will be enjoyed every day for the next year. Choose from portrait, landscape, premium or birthday calendars.

Photo Calendar
“Everyone’s happy to get a calendar at Christmas. I’m giving multiple copies of this one to everyone in my family!” -Kate from Albelli

3.) Pocket Photo Books

If you’re looking for a small gift for your grandma, sister, aunt or friend, this is it! At just £6.95, pocket photo books are Albelli’s most affordable gifts and they couldn’t be easier to create. Fill one with 22 snapshots and give someone a pocket-sized photo book they can carry with them always!

Pocket Photo Book

“Pocket photo books are perfect for photos that people like to have on hand (think kids or pets). This year my sister is getting one filled with pictures of my nieces and nephews.” –Kelly from Albelli

Be sure to order these gifts before 16th December for delivery before Christmas!

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Sometimes seeing is believing: Discovering Aluminium Prints, the newest Albelli product

When I first heard that we would start offering Aluminium Prints at Albelli, I was intrigued. I couldn’t imagine a photo being printed on metal and even though our product department told us all about Aluminium Prints, I wanted to know more.

After a few well spent hours Googling aluminium prints, I discovered loads of glowing reviews for this hip product. Everything I read claimed that aluminium prints are the most stunning, unique and practical prints out there. But everyone also agreed – you can’t really understand what makes aluminium prints so special, until you’ve seen them firsthand. So I decided to order one for myself and find out just how amazing aluminium prints really are.

My first (and certainly not last) Aluminium Print:

The first thing I did was look for the perfect photo. After combing through some of my recent holiday pics, I decided on a photo taken during my trip to Rome last year – a modern looking architectural shot which I thought would look great on aluminium.

Next, I accessed the Albelli online editor and started creating. I selected the size and format I wanted (50×70 Landscape) and uploaded my photo. Once it was uploaded, I chose the option to have my photo printed in black and white (a favourite for aluminium prints) and sent my order to be printed.

Within a few days a package arrived at my desk at work. In no time the packaging was removed and my creation was revealed.

I was so excited – I couldn’t wait to see it on the wall. Lucky for me, it came ready to hang!

The verdict? Albelli Aluminium Prints are a new, ultra-modern and sophisticated way to display your images. They’re like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

I could go on and on about how incredible our new Aluminium Prints are, but like me, you’ll have to order one yourself and see!


-Laura from Albelli

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Create wall decor that wows

A favourite picture of yourself with friends or family is always nice to hang on the wall, but if you’re looking for some new ideas for your home, we’ve got some tips for you!

Take a look at the six ideas below and create a wow-effect with your wall decor!

Take an alternative family portrait

Alternative family portrait

Dad, mum and little kiddo in a creative family portrait

Step outside the box with your next family photo. A picture like the one above is timeless and shows off your family’s creative side. And the best part? No one has to worry about a bad hair day! Try this on a canvas to add a rich, warm look to your walls.

Get more photo ideas like this one with our holiday photography tips.

Add an abstract colour explosion to your walls

Abstract colour explosion

Look around you and find the colour in your life.

Add colour to your home with pictures of flowers, colourful Moroccan spices, bright umbrellas and anything else that catches your eye. For an abstract look, shoot close-ups and try out different angles. Print your photo on acrylic to really make the colours pop!

Create real vintage art

Real vintage art

Make a close-up of a piece of heritage before it moves to the trash and create vintage art!

Do you have an old heirloom, like a rug or sofa, that you never want to give up? Make a beautiful photo of it and hang it on your wall as vintage art! For the complete vintage look and feel, print your photo on canvas – the rough material will bring out the original texture of your treasured antique.

Relax with minimalism and symmetry

Relax with minimalism and symmetry

A simple image can have a big impact.

At first glance this photo may not seem very interesting (after all, it’s just two chairs in a corner!) but an image like this can have a very soothing effect. To bring tranquility into your interior, capture the symmetry in your life on a canvas, acrylic or aluminium print.

Hang a clock on the wall again

Hang a clock on the wall again

Photograph a clock and make time stand still.

Now days everyone has the time on their phone and no one needs a clock on the wall, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use clocks to decorate your home! For a creative take on time, photograph your favourite clock in black and white and print it on aluminium. You’ll have a nostalgic piece of art in no time!

Make a mouth-watering masterpiece

A new twist on a classic still life

A new twist on a classic still life.

Take photos of fresh foods and create your very own modern-day Rembrandt! Print your photos on four small acrylics and spice up your kitchen with a photo composite.

Want more food photography inspiration? Check out our example cook book.


Feeling inspired? Create a canvas, acrylic or aluminium print now.



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Layflat ‘Premium’? What’s that?

That’s right, it’s not just ‘Layflat’ but ‘Layflat Premium’. We’re really pleased to be able to introduce our new and improved layflat photo books! They’re so beautiful that we’re proud to call them the ‘creme de la creme’ of our photo book range.

Layflat: what is that again?

Layflat photo books are bound in a unique way, allowing the pages to open completely flat.

The difference between a Layflat Premium photo book and a normal photo book

The left and right hand pages flow seamlessly together. Whenever you place a photograph that runs through the centre of your book, this will be printed without interruption. Ideal for photos of a gorgeous sunset, a landscape or a group photo where people are also in the centre of the book.

A Layflat Premium photo book (top example) has no break down the centre of the page.

Why do you call it ‘Premium’?

We call it Layflat ‘Premium’ because of the special paper we use. It has all the qualities of real photo paper. Slightly thicker pages showcase your photos beautifully and add an extra-luxurious feel. Additionally, the premium paper is stain, moisture and fingerprint resistant! This gives your book and outstanding, professional finish.

I want this for my next photo book! How do I order Layflat Premium?

The steps for adding layflat to your photo book have changed slightly. You can opt for Layflat Premium now directly within the offline or online Creator Tools (not in the shopping basket). The option is available to you when you first start creating, or can be turned on or off during the process by visiting the ‘Extra Options’ tab in the Creator Tool. Layflat Premium is available on all L-size landscape, portrait and square photo books and also Square XL.

Make your next photo book ‘Layflat Premium’! Believe us, you’ll never want it any other way. Check out this beautiful panorama photography photo book by our colleague Martin, it might give you a little inspiration.

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How I brought vintage to both my offline and online worlds

Firstly, I must confess: I’ve been hit by the vintage virus. That’s why I decided to redecorate my living room with my own two hands. After searching the internet, I managed to find some authentic 60-year-old wallpaper: discoloured on all sides and ripped in a few places. However, as you can see, the results speak for themselves! I really love my new vintage wall, but the biggest surprise came afterwards… (more…)

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5 simple back-to-school photo ideas your kids will love you for

Once the school year starts, it’s as though someone has hit the fast forward button. You’re so busy policing homework, calming tantrums and rolling out the go-to-beds that it’s summer break before you know it and you’ll be scratching your head, wondering where all the time went.

The good news is that it’s possible to stop time from speeding by so quickly and you won’t need a time machine to do it. All you need is a camera and some great school year photos ideas. Below you’ll find 4 ways of using everyday moments to capture your child’s school year in a meaningful way.

Idea 1: Photograph a day in your little one’s school life

Take photos of things as commonplace as their school lunch box!
Once your little one becomes an adult, these everyday items will turn into symbols of happy, carefree days. Capture them on camera and give your child a way to remember their childhood. For ideas of what to photograph, head to our ‘A day in the school life of’ pinboard.

Idea 2: Take photos that capture their childhood dreams

Remind your kids how enthusiastic and eager they were as children.
A child aspires to be a Fireman one day then a Vet the next. Use creative ways to take photos that will remind your little one of what they aspired to be. Who knows? It may become a source of inspiration in the future. For ideas, head to our ‘When I grow up I want to be’ pinboard.

Idea 3: Photograph the friends they had before Facebook

Caption: No two friends are the same. Take photos that capture what made each friend unique.
Sadly, as the years go by, we tend to fall out of touch with the friends we made during our childhood. Give your child a way to hold on to them through pictures. When you spot a good moment, just grab the camera and take photos of all of them: from the friends they made at summer camp to the elderly neighbour who told scary stories. To inspire you, we’ve pinned some lovely examples on our ‘Friends I had before Facebook’ pinboard.

Idea 4: Take photos of your child’s favourite toys and games

 This will arguably be the photo that will make them smile the most.

Just think of Pac Man, Lego or any old toy or game you loved as a child and you’ll be smiling in no time. Give your kids a reason to look back and smile as well. Take photos of the toys and games they love in fun ways. Be inspired by the photos on our ‘Games and toys’ pinboard.
Here’s a tip! Once you have a great collection of photos, use them to create a fun photo book dedicated to capturing their childhood and school year. You can add the photos to one of a pre-design photo book, we recommend one of the books under the Children theme, or start from scratch.

Which ever way you chose to go, it’ll surely be a book they’ll love to have as a keepsake.

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You’re not just buying a pre-design, you’re buying a piece of art.

In the middle of a busy week at Albelli, with everyone buzzing about and glued to their screens, Joline (one of our talented designers) sits quietly at her desk, paint brush in hand, calmly dipping it into different watercolour paints to create summery flip flops, star fish and straw umbrellas.

Joline’s lovely watercolour paintings Turning paintings into clip art

Sure, it seems a little curious to see watercolour paintings in an office so dominated by all things computer-related. But take a closer look and you’ll see the beginnings of what eventually became the Beach holiday pre-designed photo book.

In order to get started, Joline carefully compiled an inspiration board to get her creative juices flowing.

After creating several beautifully detailed paintings, she then selected her favourites to digitally convert into the clip art design elements that frame your photos. The result is breath taking!

“So much work goes into creating each pre-designed photo book, more than you’d expect,’ explains Joline, “Each one requires us [designers] to take a more artistic approach rather than a deliberate one.”

That’s why you’re coming away with actual works of art when you opt for one of our pre-designed photo books!

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Kelly’s trip to America!

You may have noticed that we have been adding lots of new pre-designed themes to our website recently. We set one of our colleagues, Kelly, a challenge to see how quickly she could put a pre-designed photo book together. Kelly decided to use the ‘Modern magazine’ theme (one of our classics) and it took her no time at all! She simply had to upload her photographs, add them across 24 pages and place her order.

So take a trip down memory lane with Kelly, and check out what she got up to when she was in the America earlier this year!

Not bad, eh? Try creating your own photo book using one of our pre-designed themes today.

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