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3 fun summer games to play!

You’re never too old to play games – at least that’s how we feel in the Albelli office! That’s why we’ve decided to share three of our favourite fun (and somewhat silly) outdoor games.

These games are a great way get out in the sun and have some fun this summer! So round up your family, your friends or some strangers on the street and try out one of the games below. Just be sure to snap a few photos to remember all the fun!

1. Hula hoop hop


What can you do with a bunch of people and two hula hoops? Play Hula Hoop Hop! The rules are easy but it’s surprisingly challenging and loads of fun.

An equal number of people form two lines and hold hands. The person at the front of each line has a hula hoop. Each team needs to get their hula hoop to the end of the line… without letting go of each other’s hands!

To play, you’ll need to duck, wiggle and hop to pass the hula hoop along. The team that gets their hoop through first wins!

2. Dragon tag


Have you ever seen a dog trying to catch his own tail? Well that’s pretty much dragon tag!

Have your group line up single file with each person’s hands on the shoulders of the person in front of him. The first player is the dragon head and the last is the tail.

The object of the game is simple – the head tries to catch the tail while dragging everyone along behind him. When he does, he becomes the new tail, moving someone new into the head position.

You keep going until you’re either a) exhausted or b) everyone has had a chance to be the head of the dragon. It might sound simple, but we guarantee it will make you laugh!

3. Water balloon throw


Get ready to get wet! Depending on your age, you’re bound to get splashed at least once while playing this game. Here’s how to play – going from youngest to oldest, everyone takes a turn throwing a balloon as far as they can toward the same distant object.

But how do you get wet? Well… Once you’ve had your turn, you have stand where your balloon landed. So you’re in the direct line of fire of the next person’s and each subsequent person’s throw.

Whoever gets closest to the target – or perhaps ends up the driest – wins!

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5 tips for taking great selfies

Selfies have taken the world by storm and love it or hate it – they seem to be here to stay. So if you’re not already a selfie pro, it’s time to get out your smartphone (or camera if you want to go old school) and master your self-portrait. Take a look at our five simple tips below to learn the subtle art of the selfie.

Good luck and happy selfie-ing!

1. Do a background check

Make sure there’s not a dirty bathroom behind your smiling face! Check out your background before you snap your selfie for an overall perfect pic.


2. Don’t take yourself too seriously

The best selfies show off your fun side. So make some crazy faces, laugh and get a bit silly. We guarantee your pic will get some serious ‘likes’!


3. Edit it

Unless you want in on the #nofilter trend, feel free to use some photo effects! Easily add filters to your pics with apps like Instagram or Pixlr-o-matic.


(No filter)                                                          (Filter)

4. Get together

Turn your selfie into a groupfie and show off your social side! Recruit a few friends to be in your photo to make a fun and memorable group pic.


5. Snap, snap and snap some more

Don’t expect to get a flawless selfie on the first try (unless you’re just photogenic). To get the perfect selfie, try out different faces, poses and angles to see what works best for you.

Blog-selfie-snap2 Blog-selfie-snap3 Blog-selfie-snap1

Mastered your selfie? Create one of our new portrait M photo books with all your awesome pics and turn your snapshots into a memento you can hold onto!

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Portrait M photo books: A new way to show off your snapshots

Don’t get us wrong, we love Facebook and Instagram as much as anyone, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to share your everyday snapshots that’s a bit more… real?

We’ve created the new Portrait M photo book just for that. Now you can easily showcase your pics in a good (not so) old fashioned photo book!

The portrait M book is the perfect size to make your daily shots look great in print. It takes just 24 photos, so it’s super fast to create. Plus, you won’t need Wi-Fi to enjoy it!

If you like the way your photos look on screen, you’ll love seeing them in the Portrait M book. And guess what? You can still share your pics online with our free photo book widget! Take a look at the example photo book below for a first look at the new portrait M book.

Visit the website for more info on the portrait M photo book or to start creating your book.

P.S. For your more sophisticated shots, check out the new portrait XL photo book!

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4 fun Father’s Day photo ideas

Want to do something extra special for Dad this Father’s Day? Take some fun Father’s Day photos with the kids!

Staging a photo shoot is a great way to help the kids create something for Dad this Father’s Day that he’s guaranteed to love. And, we bet you’ll have some fun while doing it!

Once you have all your pics, you can surprise Dad on Father’s Day with a photo book, photo phone case or wall art made with your favourite photos from the shoot.

Take a look at the photography ideas below to get started!

Use fun Father’s Day props

Get crafty and create cute and unique photo props! If you’re not one for crafts, just buy a few Dad inspired props from your local shop to use in your pics. What could be cuter?


Dress them up just like Dad

Do your kids look a lot like Dad? Take the resemblance to the next level by dressing them up in Dad’s clothes. It’s guaranteed to get a laugh!


Capture the kids acting just like Dad

They don’t have to look like Dad to be just like Dad. Encourage the kids to act like Dad in different scenarios and snap a few adorable pics!


Showcase the kiddos’ artwork

At the end of the day, a child’s creativity tops all other ideas. Turn your kid’s art into a photo that Dad can cherish forever!


Tip: The Albelli creator tool is so easy to use that you can even get the kids involved in creating Dad’s photo book, phone case or wall art!

Do you have any other ideas? Share them below!

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1-2-3 Fun Tips for Kids Books

Photo books are perfect for documenting your kids’ lives and someday your kids will love looking back through those books, but what about creating a photo book that your kids can enjoy right now?

We’ve put together a few fun book ideas that are a piece of cake to make and your kids will absolutely love. Take a look below and create a photo book that’s guaranteed make your kids smile!

Become the author of your own story

Get some inspiration from your kids’ toys and their make-believe worlds to create your own storybook! Snap photos of your ‘characters’ around the house to use as pictures in your book or if you’re feeling really artistic, try your hand at your own illustrations. Have some fun and in no time you’ll have an original story that your kids won’t want to put down!


Make learning fun!

There are lots of educational books out there for kids, but why buy one of those when you can make one yourself? You can help your kiddos learn to read with an alphabet book or teach them to count with a book of numbers. Find everyday objects to represent letters or numbers and snap a photo of them for your book. Then bring it all together using the fun designs and fonts available in the photo book creator tool.


Nurture childhood creativity

Get inspired by your children’s imagination and make a photo book of your kids’ creations! You can even get them involved in the process and help develop their creativity further. Scan your children’s school work, drawings, poems and anything else they’ve made. Your book will preserve all their precious childhood creations and most importantly, you’ll have fun making it!

Tip: Need help getting your kids’ work in a digital format? Check out our scanning guide.


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A look at some incredibly creative baby photos

Recently we came across some baby photography that’s so creative, we couldn’t help but share it with you!

Photographers Anna Eftimie, Emil Nyström, and duo Leon and Lilly Mackie have been attracting quite a bit of attention on social media lately and there’s no mystery why.

Each of these photographers have their own unique way of creating awe-inspiring baby photos. From Anna’s whimsical blackboard drawings, to Leon and Lilly’s amazing cardboard movie sets, and Emil’s hilarious photoshopped images – these photographers add a dash imagination to their photos and the results are incredible!

Take a look at some of their images below. We hope they’ll inspire you to tell your own unique story with your photos!

Leon and Lilly’s Cardboard Box Office




Want more? Check out the Cardboard Box Office website:

Anna Eftimie’s Blackboard Adventures




See all of Anna’s Blackboard Adventure series and her other photography on her website:

Emil Nyström’s Photo-shopped Portraits of His Daughter

Emil-Nystrom-Baby-girl-ninja Emil-Nystrom-Baby-girl-flying Emil-Nystrom-Baby-girl-monkey

Take a look at Emil’s website ( and Facebook page ( for more amazing photos.

Feeling inspired? Get creative with your own baby photos and tell your story with a photo book!

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Because sometimes one copy of your photo book just isn’t enough

If you’ve ever ordered a photo book with Albelli, you’ve probably noticed that you can order a second copy (or multiple copies) of your book at the checkout.

But why would you want a second copy of the same book?

We asked ourselves that same question and came up with more than a few good reasons. Take a look below for a few examples of when two copies are definitely better than one!

Travel Book

Create a photo book of a recent trip with a friend and order an extra copy of your book to give to your travel buddy!


Book for Grandma and Grandpa (or Aunties and Uncles)

Make a photo book of the kids to share with your extended family. You’ll definitely need two copies, one for each side of the family!


Friendship Book

You’ve shared so many memories with your best friend. Create a photo book with all the special moments you’ve spent together. Keep one book for yourself and give the second copy to your friend!


Want a few more examples? Take a look at the other ideas below!

– If you give a photo book as a gift, keep one for yourself too

– When you create your wedding book, give a copy to your maid-of-honor or best man

– Make a professional photo book and get an extra copy for your business partner

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Valentine’s Day gifts that go together, just like you and your sweetheart

We know how hard it is to find Valentine’s Day gifts that truly show how much you care. This year, express your love with a gift that fits together as perfectly as you and your valentine!

Split a photo of the two of you holding hands, dancing, sitting in the park or even a photo of a romantic word or shape; then upload your photos to two matching products (like canvas prints or phone cases) and create a perfect pair of gifts!

Take a look below for some inspiration and help creating your gifts.

Wall art that belongs together


Create matching canvas, acrylic or aluminium prints that complete each other when they’re together!

Phone cases that connect you


Carry their heart with you always with matching heart phone cases!

Easily create your own matching gifts

1. Start with a favourite photo that has an easy dividing point.

2 .Use Paint, Photoshop or any other photo editing software on your computer to split the photo in two. (Use the crop function on the original photo twice to get two separate photos.)

3. Upload your photos to two phone cases, canvas prints, acrylic prints, or aluminium prints and order.

Voilà – two unique Valentine’s gifts that belong together!

For more great gifts ideas, check out our Valentine’s Day inspiration page.

Be sure to order your gifts before 6th of February 2014 to receive them in time for Valentine’s Day!

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Top 5 Reasons You Should Make a 2013 Yearbook

From special events to everyday moments, a yearbook helps you remember your year with all your favourite photos. It’s one beautiful book filled with all the best parts of your year!

Not sure if you should make a 2013 yearbook? Take a look below at our top five reasons why you should!

#5 – It’s time to start a creative project

Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to develop your creativity or perhaps you’re just looking for a different way to fill your spare time. Whatever your reason, it’s time for a creative project. So round up last year’s photos and get started on your 2013 yearbook!

#4 – Last year’s memories are already starting to blend into previous years

As time goes by it becomes harder and harder to recall when our favourite photos were taken. Remember what made last year special and different? Put those memories in your yearbook and don’t forget all the great things that happened in 2013!

#3 – You’ll be able to rewrite history

It’s up to you what you include in your yearbook. You can leave out the bad hair days, colds & flus, awkward moments and anything else you choose. In years to come, your memory of 2013 will be what’s in your book – only your favourite parts!

#2 – In this digital day and age, it’s nice to have a real book to hold on to

You can look back at last year’s photos on your computer or smartphone, but there’s nothing quite like flipping through real photos. Trust us – when you crack open your photo book and see all your pics printed on top quality photo paper, your eyes (and hands) will thank you!

(Plus, you’ll also get a digital version of your photo book to view online!)

#1 – You can try out one of our brand new pre-designed yearbooks!

They’re stylish and make creating your yearbook seriously easy. Plus they’re also available in portrait format! Use the Modern Timeline design for a sleek and simple photo book or try out the Seasonal Colours design for something fun and funky!

Get inspired with our example yearbook made with the Modern Timeline design!

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Take cute Christmas photos of your pets

It’s Christmas and that means it’s the perfect time to take cute holiday pics of your cats, dogs, bunnies, hamsters or any other animals you may have in your life! Whether your pet is incredibly photogenic or a bit camera shy, we have a few ideas to help you capture some great Christmas photos of your furry friend. Take a look at these cute pics below for a dose of Christmas cheer and a bit of inspiration for your photos.

Santa’s Best Friend
If your dog loves the camera, just give him a Santa hat and snap away!

Santa's Best Friend

Think Inside the Box
As any cat owner knows, all you have to do is provide the box. The cat will do the rest!

Think Inside the Box

Tinsel Pup
Give your doggie a bit of tinsel to play with and you’ll have a festive photo shoot in no time!

Tinsel Pup

Santa’s Sleepy Kitty
You might not get your cat to wear a Santa hat, but we bet you’ll have no trouble getting your little kitty to curl up and sleep in one! 

Santa's Sleepy Kitty

Christmas Tree Kitty
Take advantage of your cat’s fascination with your Christmas ornaments and get a photo of your kitten next to the tree (or scaling your tree if your cat’s one to climb)!

Christmas Tree Kitty

Candid Christmas Shot
Have a pet that won’t last one second in a Santa hat, let along pose for you? Just wait until he’s in front of your tree and snap a quick candid shot!

Candid Christmas Shot

Top tip: Take these photos now and use them on your Christmas cards next year!


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