Create your own photo book & make moments last a lifetime!

Using your mobile phone pictures – the basics!

These days, smart phones have become the camera of choice for a lot of people. And since most phones come equipped with state of the art cameras, there’s really no need to carry a digital camera around with you. Most of us pull out our mobile phones when the moment arises and just ‘snap’.

As a result, our mobile phone albums are just filled to the brim with photos. Do a quick check! How many pics are in your album right now?

So over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting some useful tips to help you create beautiful mementos using – yes, you guessed it – your mobile phone pics! Our Creator Tool is there to help make it easy. Whether you’re online or offline, it has a function that will automatically check your picture quality and let you know whether they’re suitable.

Let’s begin with the basics and you can then work your way up to more elaborate designs and collages.

Start small – Size M photo books

When you want to use just ONE mobile phone picture per page, try our smaller products like the Portrait and Square photo books in Size M. They’re perfect for you to show off your snapshots and great for those slightly lower quality pictures from Instagram and Facebook too. You can still personalise your photo books by adding text and clipart according to your liking.


In case you still encounter problems with your picture quality, here’s a tip – revert and use your original picture if your Instagram pictures do not make the quality cut.

Extra tip: While using our offline Creator Tool, you’ll come across a warning button under the ‘Product’ tab. Click this button and it will scan through your entire photo book and let you know of any potential issues it may have found before you place your order. You will see a warning triangle on any low quality photos in your book.

Look out for this warning icon!

Something special for your mobile phone!

Now … something for all you chatterboxes! Add a little something extra to a prized possession that you carry around with you at all times – your mobile phone!

Get creative and customise a phone case with one of your favourite mobile pics. Whether it’s a cute picture of the kids or a spontaneous moment that brings a smile to your face, bring an extension of something meaningful around with you! If you’ve got a personal wallpaper on your mobile phone, why not have a personalised phone case to match as well?

Our phone case Creator Tool is mobile friendly so you can directly use your pics from your mobile phone album and place your order straight from your phone!


For products other than our photo books, use our smiley face icons as a guide to check your picture quality. Happy faces are for good picture quality while sad faces are for bad picture quality. So get to know your smileys!

Meet the smileys!

So … what are you waiting for? Get those creative juices flowing and start transforming those mobile phone snapshots into beautiful keepsakes! Keep your eyes open for the next blog post with more ideas for your mobile phone pictures!

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Creating something beautiful: Turn your photos into a gorgeous digital scrapbook!

Hooray! Now that the hard part is over, the REAL fun can begin. With all your photos now neatly organised (phew!), you can leave the mess of traditional scrapbooking behind. It’s time to get inspired and design something beautiful to show off all those precious moments!

Flip through!
Perfect on a coffee table or spread on a shelf in your home, creating a photo book can be a great way to start decluttering and to show off those wonderful moments too! You have complete freedom to personalise your photo book in a way that best represents you. With the many features on our photo creator tool, your choices are endless.
So put on your creative thinking cap and design your very own stunning photo book in 3 easy steps. All you have to do is ‘Choose’ your size and style, ‘Create’ and personalise your photo book and ‘Click’ Order! It’s that easy.


If you’re still not sure about what suits you, you can also choose from more than 10 different pre-designed themes to suit your style. It’s the fast and easy option but don’t worry, you can still add in personal touches to make it your own.
Our auto fill feature can help make life easier. All you need to remember is to consolidate the photos you want included into one folder on your computer and the auto fill will (obviously!) fill it up for you. And of course, you would still be able to adjust the images according to your liking.
Too excited and can’t wait to show off that gorgeous photo book you just ordered? After placing your order, you’ll also receive a free online version of your book so you can share it with your loved ones on Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

Hang it up!
Brighten up your living room OR dress up the outside garden or balcony with our decorative wall art!


Too many pics to choose from and can’t decide which is your favourite? Try the collage feature to tell a story using different photos from the same time period, event, holiday, etc. Another great idea is to create multiple collages with the same theme to hang together on your walls.

Go mobile!
And we mean off your desktop and on to your mobile! Sorting through all your pictures, you’re bound to come across a cherished moment that makes you go “aww”. Take the opportunity to memorialise it and take it you wherever you go with a customised phone case.


With all these helpful tips, it’s time to get cracking and get a head start on spring cleaning those photos and create something beautiful this season!

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Getting organised: tips for sorting and storing your pics!

As promised in our last blog, we’ve pulled together a few tips to help you organise all your photos. Whether your pics are in print format or you’ve got loads of images saved in different places online, the steps below can help you tidy up your photos in no time!

Good luck and happy organising!

Step 1: Go digital
The first thing you need to do is get everything into a digital format. (If you already have everything as digital files, then great – move on to step 2!)

Start by scanning old prints and other mementos. If you don’t have easy access to a scanner, you can always use your phone or digital camera to take pictures of your pictures – we know that sounds a bit crazy, but it gets the job done!


Next, import your images from your phone, digital camera or tablet to your computer. (If you’re not sure how to import your photos to your computer, take a look at the website of your phone/camera/tablet provider — they’ll probably have some info on this.)

Use a naming convention to save your photos – we like to use the date (Year/Month/Day) that the photo was taken, plus a short description like, “Italy Holiday”.

TIP: Most smartphones have an option to automatically upload your photos to an online cloud system on a regular basis, turn this on and you’ll be a step ahead next time!

Step 2: Create folders
Create folders by year (this works especially well if you’ve also saved your photos this way). Then within each folder you can create subfolders based on the month the photos were taken or the activity or theme of your photos. Create as many subfolders as you like – the more detailed the folders, the easier it will be to find a specific photo later on!

For example, your folder structure could look something like this: 2015 –> February –> Valentine’s Day.

Likewise create a folder for the random pics you have that don’t fit well in the other folders you’ve created. This is also a good place to put your lower quality pics that you might not use but don’t want to delete.


Step 3: Store and secure your images
You’re nearly there… Last but not least, make sure your treasured photos are stored in a secure place.

Leaving all of your images on your computer’s hard drive can eat up space quickly and can be risky if your computer gets damaged. Consider getting an external hard drive to save your images on instead or to use for backup.

You could also keep a copy of your images a in a cloud system online like Google Drive or iCloud. This way they’ll be available in case other systems fail.

TIP: Once you have everything set up, get in the habit of downloading and organising your images on a regular basis – then you’ll never have to do a big clean up again!

All organised? Keep an eye out for our next blog with tips for creating something stunning with your photos!

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Taking stock: What photos do you have and where are they stored?

Digital cameras, film cameras, smartphones, tablets… We’re now able to take photographs on more devices than ever. And once we’ve taken photos the options for storing them, viewing them and sharing them are practically endless.

So if you’re like most people, your photos tend to end up in a huge, unorganised mess. Don’t worry though – we’re here to help! Over the next few weeks, we’ll post a few easy steps to help you take your photos from a scattered mess to something beautiful you can hold onto.

The first step is to simply take stock of what you have. Spend some time going through your computer files, your tablet, your phone, your SD card and even your shoebox full of prints. Get everything ‘out on the table’ and then you can start on the next steps – getting organised and creating something beautiful. (We’ll post more on these steps soon, so stay tuned!)

And just so you don’t feel like you’re the only one who has a mountain of photos to go through, check out the fun facts in the infographic below!


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5 wall art layouts to suit your style

With a few favourite photos and an empty wall, you can easily transform any room into a stylish and personalised space. The trick – once you’ve created unique wall art – is in how you hang it!

A good wall art layout gives character to a space and can help add your personality to a room. There are literally endless ways to arrange wall art but to get you started, we’ve pulled together five basic layouts that can fit any style.

Take a look below and find the layout that suits you!

1) If you love variety… try an ECLECTIC layout


Get the look: Choose a mix of images, frames and wall art types (aluminium, canvas, acrylic and mounted prints) and position the middle of your total arrangement at eye level.

2) If you want to keep it simple… use a MINIMALIST layout


Get the look: Choose a high quality photo to create a large print and hang it above a sofa, table or other piece of furniture. Easy!

3) If you’re the neat and tidy type… create an ORGANISED layout


Get the look: Stick with one size and type of wall art (like these framed canvas prints) and use a ruler to make your rows nice and straight, just the way you like them!

4) If you like things relaxed and laid back… go for a CAUSUAL layout


Get the look: Create a mix of wall art with different images, sizes and styles. Then place them on a shelf and lean them against the wall like you didn’t even think about it. 😉

5) If you’re all about the art… create a GALLERY layout


Get the look: Choose photos with similar colours or a theme to create a few quality pieces and evenly space them in your hallway or above a long piece of furniture. (Try acrylic prints for the complete gallery look and feel.)

Found your perfect layout? Create your wall art now!

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15 photo challenges to help you capture spring

The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer… Here at Albelli that means it’s time to go outside and take some pics!

To get your creativity flowing and your shutters clicking, we’ve put together fifteen photo challenges for (what we hope is) the start of spring. For every word, you photograph something that represents that word. There’s no right or wrong – for example “fresh” could be rain, flowers or even your favourite laundry detergent. It’s up to you!

All that matters is that you have a bit of fun and shoot some fresh photos. So if you’re up for the challenge, take a look below and start snapping!


P.S. We’d love to see how you get on with these challenges, so tag your Instagram photos with #albelli or share your pics with us on Facebook. We’ll be sure to share a few of our photos on Facebook too!

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5 great gift ideas for the mums you love

Mother’s Day is a time when we celebrate all the wonderful mothers in world. Your mother, your mother’s mother, your sister that’s about to become a mother and even your friend who’s a mother to her little dog!

Mums come many forms and every mother is different, so this Mother’s Day, why not show them how special they are with something personal just for them?

What would the mums in your life love to receive this Mother’s Day? Take a look at our ideas below for a bit of inspiration!

1 – For the mum who loves gardening
Take a photo of her flowers and print it on aluminium. Aluminium prints are durable and long-lasting, so she can even hang your gift outside in the garden!


2 – For the mum who loves to travel
Fill a photo book with all her adventures. Get a hold of her photos from her latest getaway and create a book she’ll cherish for years to come!


3 – For the mum who loves her pet
Make her mornings a bit more fun! Snap a photo of her furry friend and turn it into a personalised photo mug!


4 – For the mum who loves art
Turn one of her creations into a gallery-worthy masterpiece. Or if she’s not an artist herself, simply create an acrylic print with an artistic photo!


5 – For the mum who loves being at home with family
Create a canvas print with a much loved family photo. She’ll love being at home even more with your thoughtful gift hanging on the wall!


Do you have any other creative photo gift ideas for the mums out there?! Inspire others by sharing your ideas in the comments field below.

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3 easy DIY romantic photo filters

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we’ve pulled together a few do-it-yourself romantic photo filters just for you! These simple filters can transform even the least sentimental subjects into beautiful and romantic photos, with just the click of your shutter. So, whether you’re snapping selfies with your sweetie or shooting a wistful landscape – check out our ideas below for some sweet shots!
Top tip: Turn your most romantic photos into wall art, phone cases or mugs and give them as a personalised Valentine’s Day gift.

1 – Create light hearts
A bokeh filter creates magical little light shapes in your photos. All you need to create one is a sheet of paper, some scissors and a bit of tape!
To make your heart bokeh, start by cutting a piece of dark paper to cover your camera lens. Then cut a small heart shape (about 1.3 to 1.9 cm) in the middle of your paper. Attach your bokeh to your lens and you’re ready to start shooting!
Tip: Combine a close subject with distant lights to create faraway heart shaped fairy lights!


2 – Pull on a pair of stockings
One of the simplest filter options out there… You can easily create a beautiful, soft filter with a pair of sheer stockings! Simply slip a bit of the stocking over your lens and tightly secure it with a rubber band.
Get a romantic, nostalgic effect by shooting in the shade or on an overcast day.
Tip: For a less strong effect, tear a run in your stockings to let a little more light in.


3 – Shoot with cellophane
Use a cellophane filter to simulate light leaks or to add colour (think pink or red) to your photos. Simply attach a small bit of cellophane to your lens with a rubber band and you’re ready to go!
Where can you get cellophane? Easy – go to your cupboard, take out that package of biscuits you’ve had your eye on, eat the biscuits and voila – you’re left with an empty cellophane packaging that’s perfect for your filter! Or… you can always pick some up at your local craft store (a good option for crumb free and coloured cellophane).
Tip: Play around with the amount, positioning and thickness of the cellophane to get different looks.


Bonus: best romantic digital filters
If you don’t have time to DIY or just prefer a less hands on approach – here’s our top three Instagram filters for giving your phone pics a romantic look!
Effect: High exposure, low contrast, warm temperature
Look: Lovely pastel tint, similar to the stocking filter
Effect: High exposure, low contrast, slightly dodged centre
Look: Hazy quality, like a daydream
Effect: Slight exposure, warm temperature, yellow tint
Look: Golden glow; soft, forgiving light

Have more romantic filter ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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2014… Albelli Style!

Remember what made 2014 special? We do! And to make sure we never forget it, we decided to put all our favourite moments in a photo book. (We used our ‘Modern Timeline’ pre-designed book to get a beautiful yearbook in no time!)

A few parties, some new products, a load more colleagues and a whole lot of fun – that was 2014! It was a truly fantastic year for all of us in the Albelli team and we’re happy we can share it with you.

Check out our yearbook below and see for yourself what made our year so special! And maybe get some ideas for your own yearbook.

Want to create your yearbook? Pick a photo book and get started!

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5 gift wrapping ideas to make your gift even more special

You’ve done it! You’ve found the perfect gift. Now add the finishing touch with some stunning gift wrap!

Try out a few of the ideas below and present your loved ones with a gift so beautiful, they won’t even want to open it! (Don’t worry though – their curiosity will win out in the end.)

1- Simple yet stylish


What you’ll need: wrapping paper, ribbons, string

Simply weave the ribbons around your gift, overlapping them on front side. Then fix the ribbons with scotch tape on the back. Viola! A sophisticated yet masculine gift that’s perfect for a stylish man!

2 – Print inspired


What you’ll need: letter stamps & ink, matte wrapping paper, extra paper for cut-outs, ribbons

Use little stamps to write a personal message on your present or the name of the person the gift is meant for. Stamps works best on non-glossy wrapping paper – like the tan paper shown above. Finish with ribbons and little trees or other figures cut out from (leftover) wrapping paper!

3 – A work of art


What you’ll need: coloured wrapping paper and fun washi tape

Go wild with coloured washi tape! Start in one corner, straight across to the other corner and continue on the other side, back to front. Use red, blue and yellow tape to make your own little Mondrian. It’s perfect for wrapping art presents!

4 – A gift that rocks


What you’ll need: black paper, white ribbon, sheet music

Are you giving a musical gift this year? Use black paper and white ribbon to create a piano inspired gift! Add a page from a favorite (Christmas) song as the finishing touch.

5 – Send a message


What you’ll need: wrapping paper, Christmas cards

You’re probably not sending your leftover cards again this year (you’re creating new Christmas cards with us instead ;-), so reused last year’s cards to create festive letters on your gifts! Add letters to a few different gifts to create a full name or personal message.


Still need a gift? Check out our Christmas shop for ideas for different personalities!

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