Create your own photo book & make moments last a lifetime!

You’re not just buying a pre-design, you’re buying a piece of art.

In the middle of a busy week at Albelli, with everyone buzzing about and glued to their screens, Joline (one of our talented designers) sits quietly at her desk, paint brush in hand, calmly dipping it into different watercolour paints to create summery flip flops, star fish and straw umbrellas.

Joline’s lovely watercolour paintings Turning paintings into clip art

Sure, it seems a little curious to see watercolour paintings in an office so dominated by all things computer-related. But take a closer look and you’ll see the beginnings of what eventually became the Beach holiday pre-designed photo book.

In order to get started, Joline carefully compiled an inspiration board to get her creative juices flowing.

After creating several beautifully detailed paintings, she then selected her favourites to digitally convert into the clip art design elements that frame your photos. The result is breath taking!

“So much work goes into creating each pre-designed photo book, more than you’d expect,’ explains Joline, “Each one requires us [designers] to take a more artistic approach rather than a deliberate one.”

That’s why you’re coming away with actual works of art when you opt for one of our pre-designed photo books!

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Kelly’s trip to America!

You may have noticed that we have been adding lots of new pre-designed themes to our website recently. We set one of our colleagues, Kelly, a challenge to see how quickly she could put a pre-designed photo book together. Kelly decided to use the ‘Modern magazine’ theme (one of our classics) and it took her no time at all! She simply had to upload her photographs, add them across 24 pages and place her order.

So take a trip down memory lane with Kelly, and check out what she got up to when she was in the America earlier this year!

Not bad, eh? Try creating your own photo book using one of our pre-designed themes today.

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Creating a photo book with Albelli in 5 easy chapters

Check out the full article on our website

We are thrilled to be able to share with you a 5 chapter series of how-to videos, so you can really see how simple it is to create and order your photo book with Albelli. If you’ve never made a photo book before, then this is a great place to get started!

These are the main areas that we will cover:

Chapter 1: Downloading the Albelli Creator Tool
Chapter 2: How to start a photo book
Chapter 3: Get to know your Albelli Creator Tool
Chapter 4: How to use your creative design options
Chapter 5: Ordering and adding extra options

If you’d like to skip to a particular chapter, just click on the links above.

Chapter 1: Downloading the Albelli Creator Tool

Chapter 2: How to start a photo book

Chapter 3: Get to know your Albelli Creator Tool

Chapter 4: How to use your creative design options

Chapter 5: Ordering and adding extra options

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Top tips for the best holiday photos

The sun is shining, the kids are off school and the beer gardens are in full swing! There are still a few weeks left before the end of the summer holidays, so here are some top tips for capturing great photos during your time off. Tip: use these photos to create your holiday photo book!

Things to think about before you go on holiday

1. Give your camera a quick test. If you’ve just treated yourself to a new camera, it may be handy to take it for a test drive before you set off on your holidays. Scope out the most important features and make sure you know the basics of how it works.

2. Have a think about which format you want to save your photos in. If you’re looking to use your photos for a photo book, select a higher-resolution to get that extra-sharp finish when printed. Check your camera’s manual; you might be surprised to find some useful tips and tricks.

3. Make sure you have enough memory cards and batteries when you’re out and about. There’s nothing worse than the ‘memory full’ or ‘battery low’ signs flashing on your screen and having no back up with you.

Albelli Top Tip:
Stuck abroad with no battery left on your camera and you’ve forgotten your charger? Some camera stores will charge your camera for you if you find yourself in this situation.


How do you take the best photos for your holiday photo book?

1. Experiment with view point. Have an eye for detail and try placing the subject of your photo off-center. Check out 5 tips to take great holiday photos.

2. Take photographs that you could use as a background for your photo book. Panorama photographs are great for over two pages! Here are some more tips.

3. Browse the photography tips section on our website. It’s a great place to pick up some inspiration before you leave.

4. This last tip is the most important: enjoy your holiday! Don’t spend the whole time behind your camera. Relive the memories later on when you make your photo book.

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Albelli Rated 4/5 G’s by The Gadget Show!

Last Monday Albelli Photo books were awarded a fantastic 4 out 5 G’s by The Gadget Show, a result that we are extremely pleased about!

Jon Bentley, the host of the show, compared Albelli’s creator tool and photo book print quality to 10 other entries. While we’re confident about the quality of our products, we couldn’t help holding our breath watching Jon zap through the testing process on TV!

The hosts commented that “The variety of pre-designed templates make this an easy to use package and the print quality was really great”.

And we are super happy that they found our new pre-designed books as simple to use as we do!

Head here to read the full press release.

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Unmissable wedding photos that are often missed

The wedding! You’ve planned for it and thought about every single detail (including how to get uncle Tom there on time) but when it comes to photography, the wedding photographer takes over.

Of course, having your wedding photos taken in a professional way is very important, but you are the only one who can decide how your wedding day should be captured.

So take the time to list down moments you want to see captured in your collection of wedding photos. Here are some wedding photo-worthy moments to consider.

Must-have wedding photos

The proposal
Of course, getting a photo of the actual proposal is tricky but well worth the effort! Get a friend to tag along or follow you paparazzi-style. The proposal is where everything starts and all you need is one shot!

Unmissable wedding photos: the proposal

The couple at home
Everything is, after all, about the couple. So take some casual and fun photos that show who you are as a couple. Add some to your wedding photo book to add an unexpected twist to your story.

The seamstress
The seamstress understands the bride like no other. She’s the one who makes the bride’s vision a reality and definitely deserves to be included in your wedding album. Capture the story behind your dress by taking a photo while being fitted.

Unmissable wedding photos: the seamstress

The pastry chef
When it comes to the wedding cake, don’t just photograph the end result. Take photos of how it was created at the bakery and the talented pastry chef who did all the hard work.

Unmissable wedding photos -the pastry chef

The hanging wedding dress
Your beautiful wedding dress deserves to be photographed on its own. Make sure it’s hanging in an ideal spot and that you get a pretty hanger for it.

Unmissable wedding photos: the hanging dress

Waiting for the bride
Oh the anticipation, excitement, and drama just before the bride makes her first entrance! It’s definitely worth capturing on camera!

Unmissable wedding photos: waiting for the bride

These are just some ideas to get you going. Start thinking early! Take time to make a list of all the moments you definitely want to see in your wedding photo book That way, you’ll be sure your photographer delivers exactly what you’re looking for!

More inspiration? See what else you can do with your wedding photos or pick one of our wedding pre-design themes to create your wedding photo book!


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Splash! There goes your camera! What now?

It’s a familiar scene. The sun light dancing on the water’s surface captivates you so much, you just have to take a picture! You need to get a bit closer to take a perfect shot and even though it’s risky, you inch forward… and whoops, a slip-up! There goes your digital camera splashing into the water! Don’t panic… if you act quickly, there’s a good chance you can rescue it.

The first impulse is to see if your digital camera still works by turning it on (or turning it off then on). This is never a good idea as it tends to cause the camera to short circuit. Once you’ve fished the camera out, remove the battery as quickly as possible. Then remove the memory card (and lens if that’s possible).

Once you have everything apart, dry each one using a hair dryer blowing cold air. Better yet, close the battery and memory card compartments and place your camera in a bag of uncooked rice for a day. Using a separate bag, do the same for the battery and lens. Rice is a natural moisture absorbent and will make everything dry.

It is said that for every second a camera was in the water, you need a day to let it dry. We’re not sure if this is exactly true, but it’s a good indicator of how long you the drying process needs to be.

After a day, remove your camera from the bag of rice and open the chambers to allow the interior to dry. Do this for a day before assembling your camera again. Should it still not work, then repeat the whole process again.

Good luck and remember, next time…  mind the feet as much as the scenery!

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How to select photos for your photo book

“Writer’s block is much like photo selection block, only with photos instead of words.”
- F. Deckers, our very own Photo book specialist


If you’ve ever created a photo book before then you’ve probably asked yourself: how on earth do I go about deciding which photos to include? Does this sound familiar? We’re not surprised.

One way to overcome this conundrum is to select your photos in stages.

Photo selection – round 1

Begin by deciding what your photo book will be about. If you want to make a book about your wonderful summer memories then gather all your summer and holiday pics and select the ones that show the best highlights.

Photo selection – round 2

If you still end up with too many photos on your plate then worry not, it just means you’ve reached the second stage of ruthless elimination. At this point, only photos that mean a lot to you and are visually pleasing will prevail.

Let’s take a look at the photos below. They made it through selection rounds 1 & 2 because of the stories and memories behind each photo and because of their matching, vivid, summery colours.

How to select photos for a photo book - final selection

Now observe how these photos come together below. See how photos with blue and red colours are correspondingly placed on each page. Also note how the right page is based on a ‘water’ theme while the left is based on a ‘beach’ theme. Arranging photos by theme of colour is an easy way to get great results.

How to select photos for a photo book - photo book spread sample

So the next time you set about selecting photos for your book, first start by deciding what the book will be about, then select the most meaningful and beautiful photographs that complement each other and together, tell the stories you never wish to forget.

If you’re ready, why not start creating your book of summer memories now

Looking for more inspiration? Here are ideas for each page of your photo book



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Get your festival photography tips right here

We’re in the middle of festival season and with the sun set to shine this weekend, there’s simply no reason to stay home. Whether it’s to practice your photographic skills or just because you love taking pictures, here are some festival photography tips to capture all that magic!

1. Do your research

Before the festival, go online and read about the festival’s line-up, what the weather will be like, and while you’re at it, view some great festival photography for inspiration! It doesn’t hurt, and you just might pick up some new ideas!

2. Get there early

Being early means you’ll familiarise yourself with the surroundings and ease into the festival environment. This is a great moment to capture the build up to all the excitement. Take pictures of people laughing, getting ready, and setting up stages.

3. Check your camera’s setting

More often than not many of us overlook adjusting the camera’s settings to take different pictures, especially when things start to get exciting! But adjusting settings to fit a particular situation can make a big difference, like adjusting your camera’s shutter speed to capture movement.

During the day, set your camera on the S mode (showing as ‘S’ on Nikon camera mode dials and ‘Tv’ on Canon cameras). This adjusts the shutter speed to help you freeze motion or induce a trail in movement. In the evening, go for the M mode to take cool pictures using the light around you. The M mode is difficult, so only use it if you can handle your camera well.

Remember to go easy on the flash. Avoid using it if you’re taking a picture of something in the distance whilst in a crowd as this overexposes the people around you while decreasing your subject’s visibility.

4. Get the best shots

Your subjects – Festivals bring out the creative side in us all so take photos of spectators as well as performers. Stay alert and take pictures of things that catch your eye: expressive masks, t-shirts with bold statements printed on them, dressed up pets, surprising objects…. there’s a lot to capture. Take photos of heightened emotion and when things are calmer. Zoom out and take macro shots of crowds and zoom in to capture details. Then bring it all together in a photo book!

Your position – Bear in mind that the scene before you changes rapidly so there’s no reason to spend the whole event moving (unless you want to)! By keeping still you’ll be able to anticipate and take pictures of the action unfolding before you. If you wish to move around then don’t let all that action prevent you from varying your position. Changing your vantage point can help you take more interesting photos (e.g. getting a little higher than the crowd or shooting from low angles).

5. Don’t be afraid

Yes, approaching strangers to take a photo can be quite daunting. But remember, at the height of the festival, people usually feel uninhibited and won’t mind having their picture taken. Remember, the photos you take are a reflection of the photographer, so relax, smile, and take a picture. The results will keep you smiling long after the festival is over.



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Ready, steady… pre-designed photo books!

When we realised that everyone wanted to make gorgeous photo books at half the time it takes to create them we knew it was time to put our thinking caps on.

So our designers and software experts got together and after weeks of hard work, a set of beautifully created pre-designed photo books was launched!

Premium photo books for every occasion

With pre-deisgned books, anyone can now create professionally designed photo books within minutes!

Each book starts with 24 pages, includes a photo cover and is printed in the Landscape L format. Each one brings together exclusively created backgrounds, clip art and text labels in coordinated styles that suit any occasion – the only element missing are your photos.


In our previous blog we gave you a glimpse of the ‘Wood letterpress’ pre-design. Here are a few more examples of the pre-designs you’ll find in our gallery.

This is a two-page sample of the ‘Modern city trip’ pre-design found under the Travel theme. Add notes in text boxes provided about the places you visited  during your city trip. 


Here’s a preview of the ‘I love animals’ pre-design. It’s ideal for pictures of the kids. Find it under the Children theme


Good news for all food enthusiasts! Here’s a gorgeous two-page sample of the ‘Clean-cut cookbook’ pre-design. Available under the Modern theme


Exquisitely created with intricate fonts and designs, the ‘Elegant flowers’ pre-design is just one option for your wedding photos. Head to the Wedding theme to find more.


Ready to give it a go?

Before you start, it’s always a good idea to save the photos you intend to use in a separate folder on your desktop. Once that’s sorted, simply head to the pre-design gallery to view all available designs.

After you’ve decided on your favourite, click ‘Pick this theme’ and you’ll be directed to the online creator tool. Your selected design will be ready and waiting for your photos, memories and stories.




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