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How I brought vintage to both my offline and online worlds

Firstly, I must confess: I’ve been hit by the vintage virus. That’s why I decided to redecorate my living room with my own two hands. After searching the internet, I managed to find some authentic 60-year-old wallpaper: discoloured on all sides and ripped in a few places. However, as you can see, the results speak for themselves! I really love my new vintage wall, but the biggest surprise came afterwards…

Two rolls is all I need. Let’s get cracking…

Half-way there. Not so easy to do by yourself…

I also bought some red roses, which completed the look to perfection. I was so impressed with my personal achievement, that I took a photograph to record the moment. Then I got an extra spark of inspiration… I took the photo and… used it to create a phone case! A great way to show off the fruits of my labour.

It’s done! With the red roses as a finishing touch (a little treat for myself).

I then took a close up photo and created a phone case. Decorating took 4 hours. The phone case? 2 minutes :-)

People are always asking me what the photo is that’s on my phone case. Pride may be a sin: but I really enjoy showing off my vintage-inspired home. A great conversation starter, not just on Facebook, but also in real life.

Franny from Albelli
PS. Try out your creativity on a photo phone case. Pretty cool.

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Author: Miguel Benavent

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