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Introducing the Mosaic mask design option

Say hello to what is arguably one of the most versatile design options in your photo book creator: the Mask! Ever used it before? You should. It’s the easiest way to create designs for your photo book that are bold, creative and fun.

To show you what we mean, let’s take a look at what the Mosaic mask design can do for you.

First create a folder with a collection of photos you wish to use across two pages in your photo book. The collection should contain one photo, which you’ll use as a background. It’s usually a good idea to pick one that’s thematic. In our example spread above, we picked a photo of Easter eggs for a photo book about Easter holiday.

Once you’re done, start your creator tool and use the photo navigation on the left to select your chosen background photo. To add it as a background, click on the photo, then head to the menu bar above and click the ‘Insert’ tab then the ‘As background’ button (as seen in the image below). This will add your photo as a background on one page.

Albelli photo book creator tool - As background button

The next step is to apply the Mosaic mask over the background. Head to the menu bar, click the ‘Mask’ option and use the drop down menu to select the Mosaic design element you wish to use, and click ‘Apply’. In our example, we opted for the one circled in green below. If you can’t find the Mosaic mask options, click ‘Download’ to add them.

Albelli photo book creator tool - Mosaic mask design

Now just let your imagination take over! Use the ‘White’ colour clip art (circled in green below) to decide where you’d like to add photos and notes over your newly created layout. By the way, clip art is now available for Mac users as well!

Albelli photo book creator tool - White colour clip art design

Albelli photo book creator tool - Mosaic layout for photo books

Complete the pages by simply inserting photos and notes wherever you like. To align your photos correctly, use the red grid lines that appear when clicking on a photo and holding down the mouse button.

Photo book layout created using the Mosiac mask design option

Are you a Mac user? Then these steps are slightly different for you. The photo book creator tool for Macs will look more like this and you’ll find the Mosaic mask option under ‘Assets’ button (top-right corner) > ‘Masks’  > ‘Mosaic’.

We hope this tickles your creativity. Ready to try this out yourself? Create your photo book today

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Author: Miguel Benavent

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  1. Paula North says:

    Is this available on the mac version?????, my albelli, doesn’t look like this, I can’t find mask, making photos into background isn’t done the same way as described. Help please, as would love to use this option for a book I’m doing now.

    • Betty says:

      Hi Paula! Yes, you can use the Mosaic mask for Macs as well. After you’ve added a photo as a background, you’ll then need to click on ‘Assets’ (top-right corner)> ‘Masks’ > ‘Mosaic’. Your photo book creator will more like this. Please let me know if you’ve found it?

  2. Paula North says:

    I managed to get that far but then can’t find the clip art, to blank out some squares!!??? Ready for text, or just to be left blank.
    Thanks for help

    • Betty says:

      Yes, you’re right Paula.The ‘Clip art’ design option will be available for Macs next month. What you can do instead is to create a white image. (Do this by creating a screen shot of a white screen, open a word doc for example, then simultaneously clicking on ‘cmd + Shift + 3’). Then return to your creator tool, click ‘New Photo’ and drag and drop that white image within the image placeholder. Sounds like a bit of work but it’s not that difficult. Let me know how it goes?

    • Betty says:

      Hi Paula! Just to let you know, the creator tool now has the clip art feature. You can find more updates here

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