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And the winner is…

For the last few months we’ve had some amazing entries into our Picture Your Summer photo competition. Using the themes of Sun, Landscapes, Motion and Night, there’s been a flurry of activity on social media as everyone voted for their favourites.

And the winner is… well, before we announce the winner, we’d first like to thank every single person who sent in an entry! We’ve really enjoyed looking at all of them and we’re in awe of your creativity.

Ok, (drum roll) after loads of entries from across the country, we have a winner… congratulations to Dougie Grey!


We caught up with Dougie to find out more about his winning photo.

What was the inspiration for your photo?
I love the Maldives and I wanted to take a photo that captured the island’s beauty at night time. I am inspired by nature, there is just so much beauty around us, even in the smallest of things. It was a very still but balmy evening. Every day over there seems like summer.

What made you pick this photo?
I chose this photo because I love the reflections on the water, I love the stillness and calmness of the place. I chose to do a long exposure to bring out these elements in the photo.

What do you love about photography?
What I love about photography is being able to capture love and friendship and also nature – flower, animal or a landscape scene. I also love taking aerial view photos out of the airplane window, there is so much beauty in this world. I like being in that moment and holding on to it for ever.

What type of camera do you have?
I own a Nikon D7000 and do my “serious” photography with that but I also have a Canon G16 that is also great at making beautiful photos but it more compact and lightweight to carry around. It’s great for someone like me who has rheumatoid arthritis when some days are a bit limited.

What do you do with your favourite photos?
With my favourite photos, I like to put them onto mugs, canvas prints and also have them printed up into photo books. Albeli photo books are fantastic as the quality of the print is excellent and I have always been pleased with the results. I have had a canvas made out from my winning photo, it looks lovely on the wall. With my other photos, I showcase them in my Instagram account @grainesdy

We love meeting people like Dougie who enjoy photography just as much as we do. With autumn just around the corner, we’re excited about the opportunities to capture even more perfect moments.

So, when autumn does settle in, do you already have an idea of the sorts of photos you’d like to take?

Until next time!
The Albelli Team

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Creating a photo series

Hi everyone! I’m Megan Alter, the Albelli summer photographer. Well, we’ve reached the end of summer and that means you should have tons of eye-catching photos ready to turn into something amazing – a photo series!

But here’s the catch – in the age of digital photography, we have so many photos to choose from! Picking the right ones can be challenging, so I’ve put together this simple guide to help you.

1. Unite the images with a common theme. Look over your images and work out which ones go well together. Perhaps they’re from the same location, show the same people or similar colours? Try and find a connection.


2. Kill your darlings. Let me explain what I mean by this! :) Start by throwing out all the blurry pics, then find the ones that illustrate your summer experience the best – they may not be your favourites (your darlings) but they often become a great series! The best stand-alone images don’t always work well in a series; pick the ones that best tell your story.


3. Emphasise the theme. Crop images, increase colours, or turn them black and white. Pick adjustments that help your focal point stand out and emphasise your theme.


4. Create art. Choose images that get the viewer to use their imagination. You could choose three images as a canvas series and the viewer will fill in the missing details of the story for themselves.


5. Arrange your story. I love this part! Sort everything into chapters giving titles to each and add details such as the location, names or ages of people and places.


Once you’ve finished these simple steps, you’re in the perfect place to create something truly memorable with your photos. I love photo books as they really help me to tell my story from start to finish. But there are so many other options – it’s time to get creative!

Check out my behind the scenes video of the Albelli summer photo shoot. See how I capture my shots and the end result brought to life in a photo book and some fantastic wall art.

What will you make with your summer photos?

Until next time. Megan x

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Night-time photography

Hi everyone! I’m Megan Alter, the Albelli summer photographer. I’ve been taking photographs for a long time and one thing I’ve learnt is that night-time photography can be tricky. But not impossible. Here are my pro tips to get the most from your nocturnal adventures.

1. Negative space and darkness. Get creative and place your subject under or near a light, with a large amount of darkness behind them. They’ll really stand out in the shot and it will form interesting shapes in the negative space (the darkness).


2. Create depth. When there’s a lack of light, night photos can lose their sense of depth. By placing something in front or behind your subject, it creates a clear foreground, middle ground and background. In other words – depth!


3. Twilight hour/blue hour. Blue hour isn’t when you feel sad! It’s the time immediately after the sun sets and sky appears very blue. This gives the images a lovely mood and great depth.

Picture 354-2

4. Stabilisation and blur motion. When it’s dark the camera uses a slower shutter speed, so the images can sometimes be blurry. Using a tripod, or resting your camera on something stable, will ensure your image is sharp whilst anything moving will appear blurry. For the results in the photos use a 1-10 second shutter speed. This technique will require a camera with manual functions so it’s not possible with your camera phone.


5. Use a flashlight. Grab a flashlight and shine it on your subject. It creates creative and dramatic effects! Put your camera on a tripod and write words or draw pictures with the flashlight while the photo’s being taken. It’s called light writing and needs a slow shutterspeed of 1-10 seconds on a manual camera.

Amsterdam-Photo-Club 010

These tips will lead you to more creative night images so give it a go! It means once the sun has retired for the day, you can keep on going into the night. I really love seeing my photos as a canvas, but it’s totally personal choice. What will you create with yours?

I’ll be posting lots of hints and tips on Albelli’s social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instgram over the coming months so stay tuned!

Until next time, Megan x

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Fun facts of summer

There’s nothing like a good fact to make your day and so we’ve collected a few juicy summer fun facts we’re sure you’ll love. Some you might know, but it’s unlikely you’ll know them all! We have our favourite, but what’s yours?

7003_Summer_Facts_Infographic_UK_Blog Format

Want more? Here’s a few bonus facts:
• It takes around 50 licks to finish a scoop of ice cream.
• The Frisbee originally started life as a tin pie plate in the 1870s.
• In 1905 a boy named Frank Epperson accidently created ice pops when he left a cup of homemade soda outside all winter.

For some more useful facts, read our other blogs with tips from our summer pro photographer Megan Alter. She’s giving us a few photo facts to help you shoot some amazing pics this summer, so you can win great prizes in our summer photo contest and turn your most beautiful pics into photo books and wall art!

Enjoy your summer! The Albelli Team

Keep an eye out on our blog, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook or sign up for our newsletter for the latest tips, inspiration, competitions and more!

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Capturing motion

Hi everyone! I’m Megan Alter, the Albelli summer photographer. The tricky thing about motion is that it’s, well, moving! I’ve come to love freezing motion. You’re seeing something you could never see with your own eyes, like something suspended in mid-air. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Pick a location and time with a lot of light: Before we begin with the functional tips, here’s my first piece of advice: bright sunlight is a key ingredient to capturing great motion pictures. Indoor photos just don’t really have enough light. So, let’s head outside into the sun and get started!

Picture 414

2. Freeze a moment: Bright sunlight allows for a fast shutter speed and enables us to freeze a moment, like photographing your friends diving into a pool, skipping on a rope or a bird in flight. Count 1,2,3 with your subject so you’re ready to go together. 1,2,3 shoot!


3. Capture moments that anticipate speed: Let the viewer use their imagination to envision the motion that has happened before or after a photo. Like seeing someone about to throw a ball, or a skateboarder who’s about to roll off the edge. Get close to your subject, I find this makes for more impressive photos.


4. It’s all about flowing hair: Let your hair down and let it blow in the wind, see if you can take it without your hand in the picture. You’ve got to be quick! For me, flowing hair perfectly expresses the freedom of summer in an image.


5. Use props: Go on, go crazy. Throw things in the air. Use fabrics, flowers, the pages of a book. You name it, get creative and make the most of your environment.


Capturing motion is great fun and once you get it right, you’ll have some wonderfully original photographs to decorate your wall. I’ll be posting loads more tricks on the Albelli social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so stay tuned!

Until next time, Megan x

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Capturing great landscapes

Hi everyone! I’m Megan Alter, the Albelli summer photographer. I’m here to bring you some tips to make the most of the bright summer light. Today’s tips are all about capturing great landscapes.

Seeing a beautiful landscape stretch out in front of you is so inspiring and can create wonderful photos. But capturing them can be tricky as your camera sees things differently to your eye and we sometimes try to include too many elements. It’s why choosing what you put in the frame is so important. Try using the tips below and you’ll be capturing great photos in no time.

1. Rule of thirds: The rule is that it’s more interesting to align the horizon with the top or bottom third of the frame. Choose which is more interesting to you the sky or the foreground.


2. Shoot at magic hour: This is the first hour when the sun rises, and the last hour before the sun sets. I love them both! This is especially important because they can create shadows that stretch across the landscape adding drama to the scene.

Picture 358b

3. Get a clear focal point: By getting rid of any distractions it helps your subject stand out, so focus on the clear part of your surroundings.


4. Shoot close up: Focusing on one detail of the landscape is a great way to reduce distracting elements in your image.


5. Photograph unique angles: It’s natural to shoot from eye level, but try a different perspective. Go high for a bird’s eye view. Or kneel down to capture a frog’s eye view – that’s looking up! Simply changing the angle can create the most original images.


Remember, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great photos. Just follow these simple steps and I’m sure you’ll have some incredible photos.

Don’t forget to submit your shots to our summer photo contest and share them with family and friends with one of our photo books.

Stay tuned to the Albelli blog for more of my summer photography tips. Of course, I’m always happy to learn new tricks too – what tips do you use to take great landscape photos?
Until next time!

Megan x

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Creating a Summer Photo Project

Hi everyone! I’m Megan Alter, the Albelli summer photographer. Over the coming months I’ll be giving you advice on various subjects to help you get the most from your summer shots. Today we’re talking about photo projects!

I’m sure you have a summer holiday planned, and with just a little preparation, you’ll be able to capture every memorable moment of it. Here are my top five tips to creating great photo projects:

1. Narrow things down. Try to focus your creativity on a specific subject you’re passionate about. It could be sailing, wildlife, or whatever you find intriguing.


2. Get creative with your subject. I’d encourage you to be brave. Try new angles. New compositions. Keep your eyes open for new techniques and give it a go. You could even give your kids a camera to capture things from their point of view.


3. Create a mood board. Collect images of things you love. Use a theme or colour to inspire your project. A great place to start could be Albelli’s summer photo contest themes: Sun, Motion, Landscapes and Night.


4. Location scouting. Think ahead and plan great places to shoot. Somewhere with natural light is best, and I’ve always been a fan of outdoor locations.


5. Tell your story, one image at a time. I’d recommend making a list of images you want. Perhaps photos on the road, games, summer foods or close-ups of hands and feet. By planning ahead it will help you tell the story through photos later on, perhaps by creating a photo book for example.


I’m always very keen to emphasise to everyone that you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take amazing photos. Enthusiasm, enjoyment and a little preparation will always create get results!

Keep your eye out for my blog updates and social media posts, as I’ll be back again soon to give you even more helpful tips.

So do you already have an idea on what your photo project will be about?

Until next time!

Megan x

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Taking photos in the sun

Hi everyone! I’m Megan Alter, the Albelli summer photographer. I’ll be sharing all my tips and tricks over the coming months to help you take creative photos that you’ll be proud to share.

And today I’d like to talk to you about taking photos in the sun. I’ve always found that sunny days make for lovely photos, but taking them in the sun can be difficult. To guide you, I’ve put together my top five tricks:

1. Create silhouettes: Place the sun behind what you’re photographing, creating a black outline. You will lose detail, but it will also highlight the outline of the subject’s shape.


2. Use a flash: Using a flash can fill in the shadow created on your subject when the sun’s in the background. This creates a bright shiny, summery look.


3. Create lens flare: As you photograph into the sun, it will reflect into your lens producing unique shapes and colours. These lightly coloured circles can create great emotion in a photo.


4. Play with shadows: Look for interesting shadows that tell the story of your environment. Long, dark shadows add a dramatic flare!


5. Capture reflections: Sunlight intensifies reflection, so try photographing your subject showing their reflection on water, a window, or even a metal surface.


With these new tips it’s time to go out and capture some amazing photos. If you don’t get a perfect shot first time, keep trying. I promise you’ll get there. Once you have something you love, why not enter it into the Albelli Summer Photo contest? Competitions are a great way to get exposure and some feedback on your photos. Plus, there are some great prizes up for grabs.

Keep your eye out for my blog updates or social media posts, as I’ll be back again soon to give you even more helpful tips. Of course, you might be able to teach me something too, what tricks do you use on a sunny day?

Until next time!

Megan x

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Camera shy?

Brits would rather take a selfie than ask someone to snap them

Research reveals a third of Brits (36%) admit they most enjoy looking back at pictures of themselves

The selfie phenomenon and rapid rise of selfie sticks could be fuelled by the fact that Brits are camera shy, with almost a third (27%) stating they would rather take a selfie than ask another person to take a picture of them due to embarrassment!

According to the findings of our research, 59% of 18-24 year olds – arguably the most selfie obsessed generation – felt too embarrassed to ask another person to take a picture of them, with 35% opting to take selfie sticks on holiday with them compared to one in ten Brits (10%) who would take a selfie stick along on their trip.

Indeed 36% of Brits admit they most enjoy looking back at pictures of themselves and when Brits go abroad the selfie-obsession heightens, with holidaymakers admitting to taking an average of six different types of selfies a day. These images include simple selfies (29%), hot-dog leg selfies (13%) and ‘belfies’ (13%) – perhaps showing that we are fast becoming a narcissistic nation who value images of ourselves above those taken while enjoying the break with friends and family.

Yet, despite the continuous rise of the selfie, half of Brits (50%) find images of other people’s selfies very irritating with people pouting (50%) and those taken infront of the mirror (46%) topping the list.

When it comes to selfies, Brits rival the likes of selfie-obsessed celeb Kim Kardashian, with 40% taking 10 selfies a week, and 30% keeping up to 50 of these photos on their phone.

The research revealed that 18-24 year olds are the biggest selfie culprits with half of them (50%) storing 50 selfies on their phone, compared to 18% of the over-55s. Interestingly, 40% of the 25-34 year old age group claim to not take selfies as it’s too self-involved.

The poll explains why the photo specialist has seen a marked increase in people printing photographs of themselves, with 35% of 18-24s and even a further 17% of over 45s admitting to having printed out selfies.

In response to this demand, Albelli will be introducing its special selfie album available for summer so happy selfie-snappers can create their own selfie photobooks.

Keith Hanson, general manager of Albelli UK said: “Our research suggests that while on holiday, Brits become even more selfie-obsessed than usual, with selfie sticks becoming an essential holiday item.

“This is likely due to the fact there are a huge number of selfie photo opportunities whether it’s capturing images infront of landmarks, lying on a sun bed on the beach, eating ice cream or sipping cocktails by the pool.

“We’ve seen a rise in the number of people printing selfies so we’re pleased to announce the launch of Albelli’s selfie album where you can keep all of your holiday memories in one place.”

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Picture Your Summer Photo Contest

From memorable family holidays to adventures into the unknown, we’re sure you’ll be taking some original and creative photos this summer. But rather than hide them away, enter them to our photo contest for a chance to win a £150 Albelli voucher (and photo products every week on our facebook page)… So don’t be shy!

There are four photography themes you can enter your best photos into at any time throughout the contest: Sun, Landscapes, Motion and Night. Anything goes, but the more creative the better! You’ll find some great pro tips for each theme from our summer photographer Megan Alter on our Facebook page and our blog.


Entering is really easy. Just go to our Facebook page to upload your photo, or tag it on Instagram or Twitter with #pictureyoursummer. Remember to add your chosen photo theme (Night, Motion etc) in your caption. The more likes you get the more chance you have of winning, so share your pics with everyone! You can enter as many times as you like before 13th September 2015, so don’t hold back – enter all your best pictures. *

Keep checking our Facebook page for our Photo of the Week (and the chance to win weekly photo products), and we’ll announce the overall winner on the 16th September 2015.

So, do you already have an idea of what you could enter?

Good luck!

The Albelli Team.

*Terms and conditionals apply

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